fitGames are a fun way to learn about healthy choices while actively engaging in games to grow in social and emotional competencies and physical skills. 


Each 30-minute lesson plan includes:

Get started! Select one of the games below to make learning and practicing healthy behaviors engaging and fun!

Daily Moves

Learners participate in stations representing times throughout the day when they can be active.

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Emotion Commotion

Learners participate in a game to help them recognize feelings and emotions.

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Energy Tag

Learners move quickly or in slow motion to show energy levels while playing an offensive/defensive partner tag game.

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Fitness Fun

Learners play the tag game "Fishy, Fishy, Cross My Ocean" as a fun fitness activity.

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Fuel Tag

Learners play a tag game to spotlight fit food and drink choices.

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Get Your Zs

Learners toss beanbags (pillows) to highlight positive bedtime-routine choices.

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Kids play a tag game to practice ways they can be mindful when greeting one another.

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Motivation Stations

Learners participate in circuit stations to practice self-regulation of emotions.

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Red Food, Green Food

Learners play a modified game of Red Light, Green Light (Red Food, Green Food) to identify fit food choices.

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Stop and Think

Learners are introduced to “influencers” such as a person, place, thing, or mood. They will use movement to show if an influencer is helping them to make healthy choices.

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Think fit. Be fit! Healthy Choice Stations

Learners practice healthy recharge, mood, food, and move choices at fit activity stations.

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Would You Rather?

Learners play “Would You Rather?” to build awareness about making healthy recharge, mood, food, and move choices.

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