Power Up!

Rotate through station activities to practice making choices that are mentally and emotionally healthy.

Teacher and students getting ready to play a game.

Key Message

fit choices power your body and your brain!


  1. Identify fit choices for brain power:
  • Recharge to store information.
  • Manage mood for problem-solving.
  • Fuel the brain with food.
  • Move to light up the brain pathways.
  1. Identify health helpers who can assist with fit choices.
  2. Apply a variety of locomotor and manipulative skills to movement tasks.


  • Safety: Allow enough space to move freely and minimize collisions. Determine boundaries that are a safe distance from obstacles and walls.
  • Determine how you will group learners, using best practice guidelines from the Teacher's Guide.
  • Display the five fit posters.
  • Be prepared to demonstrate fitBoost brain break activity and fitFlow yoga.

Warm Up

Note: The fitBoost warm up will be done with the Captivate section of this lesson.


Say: Let’s pretend to be astronauts! Your rocket ship is ready! Before blastoff, you must prepare to be fit while in space. (Actions are noted by text in all capital letters.)

First, let’s talk about mood. Your feelings put you in a mood, and your mood influences your choices. Your mood is your motivation. Sometimes you are motivated to make a healthy choice and other times you are not motivated. If you find yourself feeling unmotivated, understand that your mood can change. You can choose to motivate your mood by getting active. Let's start our journey with a start jump and positive self-talk. DO A STAR JUMP WHILE CHANTING “I CAN DO THIS.”

Let’s gather food to eat while on board the rocket ship. WALK IN PLACE. We will choose nutritious foods for energy to power our brains! Let’s dig for some sweet potatoes and carrots. MOVE ARMS AS IF DIGGING SWEET POTATOES AND CARROTS. Add the vegetables to your basket.

Now, let’s get some fruit!  We will walk to the fruit area. WALK IN PLACE. Watch out for the fruit vines! JUMP FRONT AND BACK, AND SIDE TO SIDE to hop over the vines. Now, SQUAT DOWN to pick blackberries and strawberries and add them to your basket.

Next, we will move to stay strong and spark brain activity. Let’s practice exercises to do while exploring the planets. Do a fitBoost: Select a Warm Up, a Move, and a Cool Down card, then complete the moves.

It's time to make a plan to recharge our energy while in space. LIE DOWN AS IF SLEEPING. Getting enough sleep—9 to12 hours every night—sets up our brains to store all our fantastic space memories! Another way to recharge is to relax—without a screen. So let’s practice a relaxing breathing exercise. TAKE A DEEP BREATH IN THROUGH YOUR NOSE AS IF YOU ARE SMELLING FLOWERS, THEN EXHALE THROUGH YOUR MOUTH AS IF BLOWING UP A BALLOON. Repeat four times,


Congratulations, astronauts! You are ready for your journey. You have made great recharge, mood, food, and move choices for the brainpower you need in outer space.

  • Your nutritious food choices give your brain energy to move and think.
  • When you move, it lights up the connections in your brain!
  • A positive mood helps your brain to be more creative and solve problems.
  • When you recharge with 9–12 hours of sleep, your brain is hard at work storing memories.

The number one thing you need to know is that fit choices give you brain power!

Today, we will practice making fit choices to power our bodies and brains—both on Earth and in space!


Diagram showing activity area set up 

  1. Separate learners into four groups for station activities. Rotate after 3 to 4 minutes at each station.

  2. Present an overview of stations. Ask volunteers to demonstrate each activity station. Station activities:
  • Recharge Station: Reinforce that children need 9–12 hours of sleep by challenging learners to toss 9–12 beanbags into a bucket. Learners work in pairs, taking turns to toss beanbags.
  • Mood Station: Present a Hula-Hoop challenge to reinforce that a motivated mood is great for creativity and problem-solving. Teams of 3-4 kids stand in a circle and raise their arms, index fingers extended. Place a Hula-Hoop so it rests on the tip of their fingers. Keeping their fingers straight, the team works together to lower the hoop to the ground without dropping it. Once their hands touch the ground, the team works together to lift the Hula-Hoop again. Repeat.
  • Food Station: Partners select a food card then hop (or a teacher-selected locomotor move) across the play area and place it into an “Eat More” (green) bucket or an “Eat Less” (red) bucket.
  • Move Station: Learner’s choice! Move around the perimeter of the play area. Walk, jog, run, skip, hop, gallop, or leap.

Close the Lesson

  1. Partner learners.

  2. Select a fitFlow card and complete poses.

  3. While stretching, ask learner pairs to discuss the activity. 

    Q: Today, I was a health helper who helped you with fit activities that power your body and your brain. Can you name some other health helpers that can help you with fit choices?
    A: Teachers, food-service workers, school staff, parents, or trusted adults.

    Q: We know that fit choices make our bodies strong, what do fit choices do for your brain?
    A: Recharge helps your brain store information. An “I will” mood helps problem-solving. Nutritious food choices fuel your brain. And, you move to light up brain pathways.

    Q: Ask learners to give examples of people whom they would go to for help with a health-related decision.
    A: Trusted adults and professionals who can serve as a health helper. (i.e., family, teachers, PE teacher, counselor, school nurse, food service helpers, etc.).

  4. Use the Assessment Rubric (see Teacher's Guide) as a checklist to assess understanding, skill development, and personal responsibility.


Name a recharge, mood, food, or move choice. How will it power your brain?

What You'll Need


  • fit Posters
  • fitBoost Cards
  • fitFlow Yoga Cards
  • Beanbags
  • Hula Hoops
  • Buckets

Health Education Standards

  • Standard 1: Core Concepts - Engage in activities that are mentally and emotionally healthy.
  • Standard 3: Access Valid Information
  • Standard 5: Decision-Making


Social and Emotional Learning Competencies

  • Responsible Decision-Making
  • Self-Management

Extend the Lesson

  • The fit unit, Helping Kids Make Healthy Choices, provides multimedia lessons, activities, and challenges to help learners recognize the four parts of fit and the many fit choices they can make each day.
  • Watch Be Active Every Day to learn about all the good things fit choices do for your body and brain.
  • Print fit Choices or the My Choices to help kids plan their fit choices throughout the day.
  • Read Think fit. Be fit! to learn more about healthy decision-making involving recharge, mood, food, and move.


Adaptations and Modifications

  • For younger learners, group recharge with mood and food with move. Focus on simple definitions.
  • Adjust locomotor skills and movement patterns to match the developmental levels of the children.
  • Modify game setup so that all children, regardless of age, size, ability, or disability, are able to participate.
  • Play a fit Workout video for activity warm up and cool down.

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