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Toss beanbags (pillows) to hit targets showing healthy choices for bedtime routines.

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Key Message

A good night’s sleep helps you go, grow, and know!


  1. Identify 9 to 12 hours as the amount of sleep needed each night to recharge energy.
  2. Describe healthy behavior choices for a bedtime routine.
  3. Apply throwing and tossing skills throughout activity.


  • Safety: Allow enough space to move freely and minimize collisions. Determine boundaries that are a safe distance from obstacles and walls.
  • Ensure all equipment and materials are properly cleaned. 
  • Determine how you will group learners, using best practice guidelines from the Teacher's Guide.
  • Set up game: Each learner needs two beanbags and two Recharge Bedtime Choice cards, one with "Zs" to indicate the fit bedtime routine choice and one without.
  • Be prepared to demonstrate fitBoost activity and fitFlow yoga.

Warm Up

Begin with a fitBoost.



Say: Let’s pretend it is an hour before bed and you are going to start your bedtime routine. What choices would you make? (Refer to fitFlow cards for yoga poses.)

  1. Would you rather take a bath or a shower? Do the boat pose for a bath or mountain pose for a shower.

  2. Would you rather brush your teeth or floss your teeth? Show brushing actions or flossing actions.

  3. Would you rather read a book or listen to a story? Do the easy pose for reading or resting pose for listening to a story.


Your energy influences the choices you make. When you have enough energy, it’s easy to want to make fit move and food choices. However, if your energy is low, it is more difficult to make fit choices.

Your body gets energy while you sleep. Your body is also hard at work storing memories and growing during sleep. A good night’s sleep of 9 to 12 hours recharges your energy so you can be your best during the day.

Do you ever have a hard time falling asleep? A bedtime routine helps you get the sleep you need so you have the energy to make fit choices.

The number one thing you need to know is that following a bedtime routine will help you to get all of the sleep you need to be your best! 

Today’s activity will give you ideas for your bedtime routine.


Activity area set up

  1. Show learners the bedtime routine cards one at a time and ask them to do a jumping jack (or similar move) for the fit bedtime routine choices—healthy choices to make about one hour before bedtime. Be sure to clarify that some of the choices, like jumping rope or playing outside, are fit choices during the day, but not the best choice right before bed because those activities make it harder to fall asleep.

  2. Pass out the bedtime routine cards and beanbags. Each learner needs two beanbags and two bedtime routine cards, one marked with "Zs" and one without. The "Zs" indicate a healthy bedtime routine choice.

  3. During each round of game play, players toss their beanbags, aiming for the fit bedtime choice on their partner’s card. Learners have 1 to 3 minutes to complete a round.

  4. If a beanbag does not land on the card, the partner tosses it back, and the player tries again. Once the fit choice cards are covered by a beanbag, the team works together to cover the cards with fewer tosses. Learners count how many times they hit their target in each round. 

  5. After one round, learners replace the cards and beanbags on the ground at the starting position.

  6. Players move clockwise to the next set of cards and repeat the activity.

  7. Use your discretion to increase or decrease time and tossing distance so that players have the opportunity to improve on the number of bean bags that land on the fit choice cards.

  8. Repeat activity as time allows, challenging learners to increase their throwing accuracy and distance.

Close the Lesson

  1. Partner learners.

  2. Select a fitFlow card and complete poses.

  3. While stretching, ask learners to give examples of bedtime routine choices that will help them get a good night’s sleep.

  4. Assess understanding with the following questions:

    Q: How much sleep do you need to recharge each night?
    A: 9 to 12 hours

    Why is sleep so important?
    A: Sleep influences your energy, and your energy influences fit choices.

    Why do you need 9 to 12 hours of sleep each night?
    A: It’s your body’s time to grow, store memories, and recharge energy.

    Explain why bedtime routines are important. 
    A: They make it easier to fall asleep so you can get the sleep your body needs. 

    What will you do to improve your bedtime routine?
    A: Learners identify choices from the bedtime routine cards.

  5. Use the Assessment Rubric (see Teacher's Guide) as a checklist to assess understanding, skill development, and personal responsibility.


What is one thing you will add to your bedtime routine?

Health Education Standards

  • Standard 1: Core concepts-Get an appropriate amount of sleep and rest.
  • Standard 2: Analyze influences
  • Standard 5: Decision-making
  • Standard 7: Practice health-enhancing behaviors

Social and Emotional Learning Competencies

  • Responsible decision-making
  • Self-management

Physical Education Standards

  • Standard 1: Motor skills and movement patterns
  • Standard 3: Health-enhancing physical fitness
  • Standard 4: Responsible personal and social behavior

Extend the Lesson

Adaptations and Modifications


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