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 fitClub is an afterschool program filled with fun games and activities to help kids learn about healthy recharge, mood, food, and move choices.

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What is fitClub?

fitClub is an afterschool program, brought to you by Sanford fit, to teach kids about healthy lifestyle choices. The fitClub program consists of 10, 50-minute sessions filled with energizing activities and games for wellness and social development. fitClub was designed for elementary school-aged children in grades 4-5, and can be adapted for younger children and various settings or timelines. Check out our fitClub Leader Guide.

Do you have questions about fitClub?  Read our FAQ to learn more!

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How does fitClub work?

fitClub provides an engaging environment for kids to learn lifelong habits while having fun and enjoying games in an emotionally safe environment. This program complements physical education and classroom activities to support healthy lifestyles.

Who can lead a fitClub?

Anyone who wants to help kids make healthy choices can lead a fitClub! The program is designed for community volunteers, child care providers, parents, educators, or anyone that is excited to engage children and inspire them to make healthy lifestyle choices. Check out the fitClub Leader Guide to learn more!

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No gym? No problem! fitClub is easily implemented in any space from cramped choir rooms to the great outdoors!

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fitClub not only educates children in the area of health, but it makes the learning fun for the children. Another strength of fitClub is that it provides a safe environment for children.

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