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Teach and Practice Skills for Healthy Habits

Teachers, we are here to make your busy lives easier. Our site is filled with hundreds of resources, created with educators, for whole-child wellness. Learn more about how fit works and check out our FAQ for educators!

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Try out these fun moves for physical fitness and mental alertness. Click on "Let's Go!" to get started. You can take your fitBoost to the next level by printing fitBoost cards to use anytime or anywhere!


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We make choices all day long. Let’s help kids identify times during the day when they make choices and practice giving reasons why they made certain choices.

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Everything you need to teach healthy habits in your classroom. 

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Drop the screens and get on your toes. These games will get kids moving!
Oodles of expert advice, tips and guides to help keep students fit.

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Browse our collection of videos, activities, games, and printables. Each resource is designed to kick start healthy habits and launch important conversations with your family about topics like nutrition, physical activity, sleep, and mindfulness.

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What educators are saying about fit

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“I love FitBoost as a quick way to incorporate movement between lessons! The activities randomly change each time and have a large timer on the screen so students know when it's time to move on. It allows kids to move and reset their brains without taking up a lot of time!

The FitSchools lessons perfectly match with health standards. They are simple, quick lessons that come with an activity for students to show what they learned.”

Mrs. Szwarc, Sioux Falls, SD

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"fit4schools is a valuable resource for teachers, students, AND parents! The site is filled with research supported information and user friendly tools to promote a lifestyle of health and fitness for everyone!”

Deborah Torrance, Wellness Teacher (Stonegate Elementary School, Indianapolis, IN)

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Sanford fit is a user-friendly, engaging way to encourage students to adopt healthy lifestyles. The resources available are ready to go and will get your students excited to take ownership of their health!

Mrs. Logan, Harvey Dunn Elementary, Sioux Falls, SD