Music Playlist

These catchy, upbeat songs provide a fun way for children to learn about making healthy choices. Use these songs to get kids moving and learning about fit choices in your daycare, classroom, club meeting, or car!

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fit Music Playlist

A Really, Really, Really Super Good Day

This song teaches kids about all the healthy choices they can make throughout their day to have a really, really, really super good day.

Do the fit Thing

This song has a bouncy beat and teaches kids about how to "do the fit thing" by making good choices, like drinking water and eating healthy foods.

Fruits and Veggies Give Me Energy

What fruits and veggies give you energy to move? This spunky song gets kids thinking about how to make healthy food choices.

I Can Move Myself

The lyrics of this sweet song inspire kids to "get up and move around and around and around and around."

I Need My Energy

This peppy song teaches kids how to get energy and why it is so important to recharge. Students especially love the speed up and slow down verses at the end of the song.

Put a Little Move in Your Day

Tap your toes along to this catchy tune! Sing about all the fun ways you can move throughout the day.

Should I Eat This? Or Should I Eat That?

This perky song helps kids consider their options when making healthy food choices.

Taking Care of My Mood

This song is a great way to teach students to stop and think about good choices to make when they're in a bad mood.

To Be Your Best, You Need Your Rest

To be your best, you need your rest. This tune shares examples of things kids can do to recharge their energy.

What Healthy Kids Know

This toe-tapping tune reminds kids about how making healthy choices can make you a better you.