What is fit?

Learn about fit and the resources that are available to help empower healthy lifestyle choices!

How fit Works

Being fit is more than just eating right and exercising. It’s understanding what influences our choices. Our program is grounded on four pillars essential to building awareness of healthy lifestyle choices, guiding decision making, and improving self-management skills.


Your energy level influences your choices. Recharge by finding healthy screen-free ways to relax and by getting the sleep your body needs.

Program Outcomes:

Recognize that energy influences your choices.

Get an appropriate amount
of sleep.

Develop healthy relaxation skills.


Feelings and emotions put you in a mood. Your mood influences your choices and it changes throughout the day.

Program Outcomes:

Recognize the connection between your mood and motivation.

Identify feelings and emotions and practice healthy coping strategies.

Recognize when you need help and learn how to ask for help.


Food is fuel. Being aware of nutritious choices and trying new foods empowers you to fuel your body and brain. 

Program Outcomes:

Make nutritious food and beverage choices.

Reduce sugar consumption.

Increase fruit and vegetable consumption.


Physical activity is essential for a healthy body and brain. Move many times, many ways, and in many places throughout the day.

Program Outcomes:

Be physically active throughout the day.

Choose many ways to move.

Replace screen time with physical activity.

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Who Can Use fit?

Anyone! It doesn’t matter if you’re a teacher, a coach, a parent, or a community member trying to make a difference. These “resources” were designed for YOU. All fit materials provide tools to captivate children’s attention, educate them about important health topics, and activate healthy behaviors.

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About Sanford fit

fit is a health-activation program from Sanford Health, developed to empower children and parents to make healthy lifestyle choices.

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Our Mission

Being fit is about having enough energy and the motivation to be able to choose healthy foods and to be active. Our mission is to instill sustainable, healthy, habits in children, families, and communities.

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