Do you know the power of teaching healthy habits in your school? According to the CDC, teachers and schools have a direct impact on over 90% of youth for a critical 13 years of their lives, and during these years, children can form lifelong habits and health patterns. In addition to creating lifelong habits, healthy students are better learners which can lead to other benefits later in life. Knowing this, fit has put together our favorite 27 ways you can promote healthy habits in your school: 

  1. Help your students learn how to pair multiple movements together with fitFlow and fitBoost activities! Use any web browser to project physical activities on the whiteboard for the class to see and follow along with each movement for an awesome 3-5 minute brain break. For quick access, bookmark the pages on your computer so you’re ready to go when your class wants to move! 
  2. Model healthy behaviors! Choosing water sets a positive, healthy example for your students. The next time you think about grabbing a soda for the classroom, consider water instead!
  3. Decorate your classroom! Create a wall or door display with the It’s a Good Day for a Good Day! Door Kit printable or the In This Room: A Positive Affirmation Door Kit printable to positively greet your students and boost their mood.
  4. Upgrade indoor recess or brain breaks with fit Field Day: An Inclusive Workout for Kids. In just two and a half minutes, you can get your class moving and reenergized!
  5. Collaborate with your school nutrition services to decorate the school cafeteria with our inspiring and educational Healthy Choices Posters. Kids can talk about the snack foods and march in place or do side bends if they must wait in line.
  6. Use the My Growth Garden printable with your students to get creative while you teach them about positive self-talk.
  7. Plan a ‘field trip’ to your school’s kitchen or prep area. Students love the big equipment and they might even get to try hairnets (hello, photo op!). The nutrition team at your school is vital to the culture of eating well-balanced, nutritious food every day. Ask the nutrition team to showcase any new food items, like fruits and vegetables, by offering taste tests and talking about the benefits of eating a rainbow each day.
  8. Can you tell that your class needs to relax or take a break away from screens? With free printable instructions, it’s easy to make a Take a Break Basket together. Just print a copy for each student and follow the instructions together. By the end, students can take their basket home and practice taking breaks outside the classroom!
  9. If you have time to fill, turn off the screens and play Food Bingo! Everything is set up for you, all you need is a printer and some pieces or a marker to cover your letters! This game is a creative way to expose learners to new foods.
  10. Modify your classroom or school policy on treats for celebrating birthdays or special events. If a student wants to bring a treat to celebrate, encourage them to bring a nutritious snack or even better—suggest they bring a non-food treat like pencils, erasers, or a book they can donate in their honor to the classroom library!
  11. Sense that your students are feeling anxious? Try out the 5 Senses in 5 Minutes: Grounding Exercise for Kids video as a class. This is also great for morning meetings to encourage mindfulness and set the stage for learning!
  12. Decorate your classroom or nearby hallway with a sensory path that’s perfect for a brain break! Print the Wellness Way Sensory Path and watch your students learn about moving, recharging, fueling their bodies and motivating their moods! 
    Wellness Way Sensory Path - Sanford fit