1. Upgrade indoor recess or brain breaks with fitBoost Sport Moves video.
  2. Let’s tell time! Pick a recharge or movement activity to do at certain times during the day. Post the times on the board for all to see. Maybe it’s 15 minutes after the hour, or 20, or even 35!
  3. Create a wall or door display with the It’s a Good Day for a Good Day! Door Kit printable to greet your students with positive vibes. 
    Photoshopped door kit flatlay
  4. Model healthy behaviors! Choosing water sets a positive, healthy example for your students. The next time you think about grabbing a soda for the classroom—consider water instead!
  5. Help your students calm their bodies and brains and get ready to learn with the Yoga for Kids video.
  6. Collaborate with your school nutrition services to decorate the school cafeteria with our inspiring and educational Healthy Choices Posters. Kids can talk about the snack foods and march in place or do side bends if they must wait in line.
  7. Use the My Growth Garden printable with your students to get creative while you teach them about positive self-talk.
  8. Download and print the Hydration Posters. Laminate and hang near every drinking fountain or water-filling station at the school to encourage students to drink up! 
    Photoshopped hydration poster flatlay
  9. Sense that your students are feeling anxious? Try out the 5 Senses in 5 Minutes: Grounding Exercise for Kids video as a class.
  10. Modify your classroom or school policy on treats for celebrating birthdays or special events. If a student wants to bring a treat to celebrate, encourage them to bring a nutritious snack or even better—suggest they bring a non-food treat like pencils, erasers, or a book they can donate in their honor to the classroom library!
  11. Learn about fueling your body with calories in your next nutrition lesson. After all, kids have to fuel their energy! Use the Portion Sizes Poster Pack to get started. 
    Photoshopped portions flatlay
  12. Challenge students to see how many feeling words they can use in their creative writing. Use words they’re already familiar with like happy, sad, or tired. Extra points for more elaborate words like exhausted, peaceful, or carefree!
  13. Struggling to calm your students after a wild recess? Try the Animal Breathing Techniques video.
  14. Charades! Have a student pick a feeling from this poster and act it out. Ask the class to guess what the feeling is. 
    Feeling faces photoshopped flatlay
  15. Play password. The goal is for one team to guess a word or phrase that associates with healthy choices by using the fewest clues possible. Clues can only be one word and cannot be part of the word(s) being guessed.
  16. Help your students learn about snacks and how to snack smarter, instead of harder! The Smart Snacking printable is perfect to hang up in cafeterias, health classrooms, or even to use as a resource for your nutrition lessons!
  17. Play a word game! Pick a healthy word or phrase and play a modified version of Hang Man. Students draw a snowman, with three circles for body parts, stick arms, eyes, mouth, hat, and of course a carrot nose! Or, how about a spider—draw a circle for a body and add eight legs.
  18. Use the words from the ABCs of Nutritious Snacks to play “I am going on a picnic.” One person begins with “I am going on a picnic, and I will bring (name a food.) The next player repeats what the first person says and adds a food word. This game can be played in groups of any size!
  19. Promote mindfulness and healthy choices with our classroom units and lessons. Choose from over 60 lesson plans, complete with printable teacher guides, videos, slideshows, and student printables! (Bonus: they’re all aligned to the National Health Education Standards and CASEL Social and Emotional Competencies.)
  20. Are your students working on a goal? Help them to understand what a goal is and what steps are needed to achieve a goal. Hang the fitGames Goal Poster up to encourage them!
  21. Choose one letter to be the letter of the day. Use this poster pack and associated letter to talk about the emotion, do the yoga pose and the movement, then learn about the snack—have you tried the snack, what are the nutrition facts, and how you can use it as an ingredient. 
    Photoshopped ABC Poster Pack Flatlay
  22. If you have time to fill, turn off the screens and play Food Bingo! Everything is set up for you, all you need is a printer and some pieces or a marker to cover your letters!
  23. Nutrition labels can be tricky to read, even as adults, but they don’t have to be! Add this poster pack into your nutrition lessons and teach your kids everything they need to know when it comes to reading nutrition labels.
  24. Talk to your parent-teacher organization (PTO) about hosting an event that promotes fun and wellness. Your PTO can help organize and plan events for the entire school, and they may even be able to help sponsor the event with prizes or incentives. Some ideas include a family fitness night, a fun run fundraiser, a walk-to-school day, or a bicycle safety rodeo!
  25. It is always a great time to practice gratitude. Encourage your kids to take time to pause and fill their plates with the people, things, or experiences that make them smile with the Fill Your Plate Printable Placemat.
  26. Plan a ‘field trip’ to your school’s kitchen or prep area. Students love the big equipment and they might even get to try hairnets (hello, photo op!). The nutrition team at your school is vital to the culture of eating well-balanced, nutritious food every day. Ask the nutrition team to showcase any new food items, like fruits and vegetables, by offering taste tests and talking about the benefits of eating a rainbow each day.
  27. Everyone loves fitBoost, so why not check out the expansion pack? Take a movement break without leaving your seat! With the fitBoost in Place printable cards, your kids can be active no matter their age or physical ability. 
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