"I'm bored!", a phrase that anyone in a caregiver role hears far too often. Keeping kids entertained and active can be a real task, but we're here to help! The fit Team has put together a master list of our all-time favorite activities that are sure to bust your kiddo's boredom. And bonus: all of these activities are simple and budget-friendly!

  1. Use fitBoost for a 3-minute break.

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  1. Set up a fun bubble painting activity. This activity is fun for kids of all ages. It’s super easy to set up and it works great for parties or groups of kids. Here’s how to do it from Glitter on a Dime, a thrifty mom with tons of great family ideas.

  2. Money Toss. Toss five pennies (or any coins) onto the floor or table. Count how many heads and tails there are, or find patterns. The combinations are endless!

  3. Have a Scavenger Hunt! Whether it's inside or outside, a scavenger hunt is a great way to get the whole family excited and ready to find treasure!

  4. Play the classics. Grab your deck of cards and play some of the classics. Go Fish, Slap Jack, and Golf are great games that kids will pick up on quickly.

  5. Erase the Rhyme. Use a dry erase board or a window with a dry erase marker. Ask your child to erase items that rhyme. Example: Draw a barn, then ask your child to erase something that rhymes with hoof (roof), then poor (door).

  6. Do a full-body workout. This family-friendly movement video is great for your body and brain! Kids can follow along through a set of fun workout moves and get their heart rate up.

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  7. Try a science experiment. Science doesn’t have to be complicated. Try this water cycle in a bag experiment to explore the basics of evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. All you need is a zip-top bag, water, food coloring, tape, and a sunny window.

  8. Fruit Math! Choose any combination of fruit (berries are perfect for this). Use them for counting, sorting, and pattern activities.

  9. Make a writing/drawing/creation kit for your kids. Around here, we call it a take-a-break basket, but a writing kit for your kids is screen-free and educational! Gather pens, pencils, glue sticks, markers, paper, stapler (for making books), tape, notepads, stickers, envelopes, and index cards. When kids (or grown-ups) need a break, encourage them to get creative with their pre-assembled take-a-break basket!

  10. Speaking of writing, write a book as a family! Have someone be in charge of writing, and write a book Mad Libs style. Each person gets to fill in a blank until the story is complete! Once it’s finished, read your creation out loud and enjoy the giggles.

  11. Have you tried animal breathing yet? Breathing techniques are one way to help kids cope with big feelings. From summer meltdowns to bedtime routines, this video teaches kids how to release anger or frustration with lion breathing, calm down with bunny breaths, or even feel restored with yoga and crocodile breaths. There are five different animals to choose from in this how-to video!

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  12. Recharge with a new card game. You can use any deck of playing cards for a new game. Have your child match two of the same numbers, put cards in sequential order (1,2,3), or Slap-Jack (or slap-insert your favorite number here).

  13. Make rainbow fruit kabobs! Use bamboo skewers or toothpicks to make these tasty fruit kabobs with your kids. Use any combination of fruits (melon, mandarin sections, strawberries, and pineapple are great) to make rainbow skewers. These are fun for get-togethers and birthday parties!

  14. Try a taste test! Now that you've got fresh fruit kabobs, challenge your kids to try each fruit with their eyes closed to see if they can guess the fruit! For more of a challenge, make a snack that they don't see and have them guess what the new one is.

  15. Read a book together outside. Pick a book from one of our favorite lists, like Top 10 Books to Encourage Acceptance and Inclusion, and get outside. This is a great way to start the day or wind down before bedtime. Ask kids to try new words or read to their siblings.

  16. Make a family fun jar! Your kids will have a blast when they get to choose their adventure for the day with the DIY Family Fun Jar.

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  17. Take a hike in a local, state, or national park. Mark your calendar now and plan to get outdoors. There are hundreds of beautiful parks available that provide free park entry days. Find parks near you and when they offer free entrance days.

  18. Have a Mindful Moment! Grab your Mindful Moments Cards and do a few as a family! Find a favorite or try something new, then talk about how you feel after your Mindful Moment.

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  19. Play ring toss! A game as old as time. Tape or glue an empty paper towel tube to the bottom of a paper plate to make your “pole.” Take more paper plates and cut the center circle out so you’re left with all of the “rings.” The kids can color or decorate their rings however they want, then place the pole at different distances, and have fun!

  20. Have a water balloon contest. Water balloon fights can create unwanted conflict. Cool off in the sprinkler and then try a water balloon contest instead. Use a hula-hoop or a basket as the target and challenge each person to launch as many on target as possible.

  21. Try a Family fitMarathon. This isn’t your average marathon. The fitMarathon is a free healthy choices challenge for the entire family. You can print out a challenge page for each member of the family and record your progress. 26 healthy choices and done!

  22. Watch an outdoor movie! Set up some chairs and take your mobile device outside to stream your family favorite movie under the stars.

  23. Check out a local zoo or aquarium.

  24. Indoor ice skating, anyone?

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  25. Visit a local animal shelter. Who knows, you might find a new family member!

  26. Make a pool noodle obstacle course. You can buy pool noodles and zip ties at a dollar store and create an epic obstacle course for your family or the whole neighborhood. Watch this video for ideas and how to build agility ring ladders, a ring toss, and a pole weave. The fun never ends!

  27. Rainy day? Make a DIY glitter jar. All you need is a container, water, clear dish soap, clear school glue, and glitter! Mix it all up and watch the glitter fall to the bottom.

  28. Visit the library.

  29. Make a new recipe together. Or check out one of our favorite recipes, if you need some inspiration. 

  30. Try yoga with this free fitFlow activity!

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  31. Make your own obstacle course! Whether you use furniture and blankets or some spare pool noodles that are laying around, your kids will have a blast in their own obstacle course!

  32. Have the ultimate snacky dinner. Easy to throw together at the last minute and full of nutrition? Yes! Use what you already have in the kitchen to put together a fantastic picnic. Choose 1-2 items from each category (proteins, fruits, vegetables, and dairy) and your next dinner is fun and done.

  33. Empower yourself with creativity. This set of five positive self-talk coloring pages are just what the family needs to take time for relaxation.

  34. Turn up the music and make household jobs fun. Cue up that old-time rock and roll or a crowd favorite like Kidz Bop Radio. Divide up the chores and work together to tidy up!

  35. Dance Party Challenge! If you’ve finished all your chores, the fun isn’t over yet. Check out the Break Dance Challenge and see who has the best moves.

  36. Read a book. Need ideas? Check out some of our favorite books to help discuss worries with children.

    Images of Book Covers for Feelings 

  37. Play a game of Ultimate Simon Says. Make a list of things that your kids have to complete, and go! The first person to complete their list while doing what “Simon Says” gets to be Simon next.

  38. Learn a new language! Whether it’s Spanish, Sign Language, or anything in between, learning how to spell your name is so much fun when you do it together.

  39. Build a workout with the Move ABCs Poster! Spell your name out, find your favorite letter, or pick a random number and find the matching letter. No matter what you choose, this free poster guarantees a great workout.

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  40. Take a trip to the moon with DIY Moon Sand. It only needs two ingredients, a large container, and about 10 minutes to keep your kids entertained for hours with this sensory craft!

  41. Have a cooking competition. Using only the ingredients in your home right now, see what your kids come up with and try it as a family! Who knows, it could be the next family favorite.

  42. Follow the leader.

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  43. Practice mindfulness with some belly breathing. Get into a comfortable position and close your eyes. Inhale through your nose. Feel your belly fill up with air. Exhale through your mouth. Repeat 5 times. Find more mindful moments and print out the cards to use anytime you need them. 

  44. Build a Cozy Spot for Your Kids.

    Cozy Spaces Image List 

  45. Try your hand at shaving cream art! This fun craft is a great way to make beautiful art that your kids will love!

  46. Make oobleck! This is a great sensory craft and activity for kids, inspired by the book Bartholomew and the Oobleck by Dr. Seuss! Here’s the recipe. Have fun!

  47. Play a round of Bingo! Everyone loves a good game of Bingo. Need pieces and a board of your own? We’ve got you covered with Food Bingo!

  48. Test your architecture skills. Build a tower with plastic or Styrofoam cups and see how tall you can make your tower.

  49. Try the Get Active Challenge. How many things can you accomplish in a day? Get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Take the long way to get where you're going. Try a new outdoor activity like roller blading or hiking. Do 15 jumping jacks right now!

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