Transitioning to virtual classes at home can be difficult, but it’s easy to incorporate fit resources into your kids’ daily routines.

Captivate your kids’ attention by using our videos and slideshows. You can find slideshows about animals’ sleep patterns, discover if all milk comes from cows, or explore new ways to move your body. These engaging resources will get them started on the path to becoming fit kids. Our fit Full Body Workout is an awesome way to get kids moving and ready to learn. The Food is Fuel Slideshow engages kids and introduces them to the concept of food as energy. Use the Break Dance Challenge as a fun way to include physical activity breaks into your child's day, too!

Once you have their attention, teach your kids what they can do to become a fit kid. Use one of the free online lessons to educate them about ways to be a fit kid at home. You can do this from any device in less than 20 minutes. A popular lesson is Techniques Kids Can Use to Take Charge of Their Moods, it pairs well with the Feelings and Emotions Chart to help your kids identify and label their emotions. Another popular resource to use at home is our Add Move to Your Day printable. Using this printable, your kids can show you the different ways they plan to be active during their day, and you can help them track their goals or join in as part of a family challenge!

Engage your kids in activities to activate what they learned and apply it to their world. Games and challenges that allow them to practice what they’ve learned will encourage them to build consistent habits. Games like Energy Tag or Red Food, Green Food are great options to help your kids recall what they’ve learned in a fun, interactive way.

Incorporating fit resources at home is simple, all you need is family! For more ideas on using Sanford fit at home, click here.