Working towards a goal can be empowering and exciting, especially if it’s a goal that your child is passionate about achieving. With these 6 resources in your goal-setting tool kit, you’ll be amazed at how eager your kids are to set and accomplish new goals.

fitGames Goal Poster: Download this poster and put it up somewhere that your kids will see regularly. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the big picture when setting a goal, but this poster serves as a great reminder that goals are easily accomplished when you take them one step at a time.

Positive Self-Talk Coloring Pages: Creativity is a great way to stay encouraged with your goals, and especially when the pages you’re coloring believe in you, too. Positive self-talk is one way to keep your kids motivated with their goals. Click here for some easy affirmations to practice with your kids.

fitMarathon – Healthy Choices Challenge: This printable is the perfect way to keep your kids on track with their goals. It can be used to encourage consistency after your child has established their goal. Need some inspiration for choosing a goal? Page 2 of this printable is full of healthy choices that you can track every day to make your child’s healthy goal into a healthy habit.

fitBoost Movement Activity: Being active regularly is a great way to encourage motivation when it comes to healthy goals. It keeps our brains engaged and focused on making those goals happen. (It’s also a great goal to set, if you’re looking for some help with goals.) Need a more inclusive movement option? fitBoost in Place is a printable card deck that’s perfect for seated physical activity.

5 Senses in 5 Minutes: Grounding Exercises for Kids Video: When working towards a goal gets overwhelming, this video is a great solution. With this video, your kids will learn how to use their five senses to feel calm and grounded. Don’t let setbacks get you down, just regroup, relax, and try again!

Goal Setting with fit Article: New to goal setting? Not sure where to start? From learning about motivation to identifying the steps in your goal, this article has everything you need to know about setting and accomplishing great goals.|

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