Animal Yoga Cards: I love taking these with me to the zoo. It’s such a fun and easy way to incorporate movement into your day. And the best part is you don’t have to be a yoga expert. All the instructions for each pose are laid out on the back of the card.

Recipes: One thing about me is I am always on the hunt for new recipes. Fit has a ton of nutritious recipes perfect for the whole family. I have personally made the apple donuts, sweet green smoothie, and roasted carrot chips dozens of times!

Lunch Box Notes: Going hand and hand with recipes are the lunch box notes! They are a great way to add a boost of positivity to your little’s day!

Preparing Your Child for a Doctor Visit: Created for both caregivers and kiddos, you will discover everything you need to feel not only prepared but also confident for your child’s next doctor visit. Some of the pieces I especially love in this resource are a pretend medical play kit, a check-up checklist, and tons of helpful tips for caregivers. Prior to my time with the fit team, I worked as a child life specialist, and I promise these types of activities may seem small but can have a big impact on your child’s medical experiences. 
Rainbow Snack Ramble: This follow-along video is filled with fun movements and hidden educational gems. I love doing this video with my three-year-old son. He gets so excited every time he spots a new snack and gets to fill up the “broccoli guys” backpack.  I like to stream the video from my phone to our TV, allowing our whole family to run the rainbow road together. Bonus, it is a great way to keep kids active when you are stuck indoors!
Cheat Sheet for Caregivers: Coping with BIG Feelings and Anxiety: As a mom who is currently navigating toddlerhood, I understand how challenging it can be to keep cool and navigate kids’ big feelings. I really love this resource because it provides simple, easy-to-implement strategies for supporting my son when he is experiencing a tough time.

Your Complete Guide for How and Why to Create a Sensory Path Blog
I believe that we could all use a little more movement in our day, and there’s no better way than to move and learn at the same time with my first favorite - an article all about How and Why to Create a Sensory Path. This guide will help you understand what sensory paths are, where and why to use them, and it gives several ideas on how to build your very own sensory path! Who doesn’t love some DIY?

Grow Your Flow
As the resident yoga instructor on our team, I love these cards because they are designed with simple poses for everyone to move their bodies and ease their minds no matter if you are new to yoga or a seasoned yogi. Simply draw a card, look at the picture, and use the instructions to properly get into the pose. As a bonus, each pose comes in English and Spanish! 

Nutrition Label Posters
We consume food every day, but have you ever looked at a nutrition label and been a bit confused? This poster pack is a great place to start. It explains serving size, major nutrients, and % daily values in a simple way that can actually help you choose more nutritious foods. 

Food Bingo
My family loves to play Food Bingo! It’s perfect for all ages and adults, too.

Relax with Dakota: A Mindful Meditation for Kids
I use the videos from fit to help my kids practice mindfulness or even wind down at bedtime. Relax with Dakota is one of our favorites!

Power of You Activity Book
The Power of You is a great activity book to help older kids understand feelings and emotions. I love that it is available in Spanish, too!

Mindful Moments
My absolute favorite are the Mindful Moments cards. These are just perfect for when you’re feeling just a little bit overwhelmed. I particularly like the weather report activity, but this deck is just packed with useful strategies to help you calm down in the moment.

Scoop on Sugar
I have a sweet tooth, and this video is a great reminder of all the sweet alternatives that are also great for my body.

Understanding Stress and Anxiety: Activities for Teens
As someone who struggled with anxiety, I know how daunting the conversations around stress and anxiety can be. These printable books help break down those big topics and give easy, actionable advice.


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