Have you ever noticed how a little bit of physical activity can refresh your kids’ body and brain? Or have you noticed that kids can learn while they move?

If you’re looking for a way to accomplish recharging while moving and learning, sensory paths might just be your answer!

What are sensory paths? Sensory paths are a series of guided sensory-motor tasks for kids to follow, shown by markings on the ground or walls. They often incorporate stickers or posters with simple instructions to help kids complete tasks along the way.

Why use sensory paths? The goal is to provide kids with a fun and unique opportunity to learn while they move! Sensory paths can also serve as a brain break, improve spatial awareness, engage hand-eye coordination, release some excess energy, and as a positive copy strategy to aid in emotional regulation.

Not only do kids enjoy them, but sensory paths also improve and build skills such as:

For adults, sensory paths are a great tool because they require minimal instructions and can last longer than a day or even a week. Your kids can use a sensory path all year long!

How can I make a sensory path?

If you take time to browse the internet, you can quickly see that sensory paths can be spendy. But, the good news is that you can create a sensory path on the floor or walls with ordinary items that you may already have on hand!

                                  sensory path on a floor - Sanford fit       chalk sensory path on concrete - Sanford fit      sensory path on floor - Sanford fit


When and where can sensory paths be used?Waiting space in doctor's office - Sanford fit

Wanting some help getting started? Sanford fit has a huge collection of free printables to help you make a cute and educational sensory path. Just click below to get started!

fitBoost Cards: Print and use these movement activities throughout any space or use them as a center activity!

Positivity Posters: Print these posters and put them up as a reminder to practice positivity every day!

fitClub Move Activity Cards: Print and use these movement cards to show kids how they can move their bodies in many ways!

fitClub Recharge Activity Cards: Print and use these cards to show kids how they can take a moment to recharge their energy.

Healthy Choices Posters: Print and hang these posters to inspire your kids to make healthy choices!

fitGames – Motivation Station Cards: Print and use these cards to create different stations where kids can choose how they motivate their moods.

Grow Your Flow: Print and use these beginner yoga cards to help kids move their bodies and ease their minds!

Wellness Way Sensory Path Printable: Want a sensory path for moving and recharging that’s already created for you? Just print and hang these posters to make your path!

Wanting some video inspiration to get you started? Click below to get started!

chalk path on sidewalk - Sanford fit