Be Active Every Day

Lessons and activities to help kids turn exercise into play and improve fitness while learning ways to incorporate well-being into their daily routines.

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Kids will plan fun ways to be active that will increase their motivation to move and reducing screen time. They will learn about serving and portion sizes to help themselves to make nutritious food choices.

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What is fit Club?

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Session Time: 50 Minutes

Adult leader explaining how to play a game to a group of kids

Activity 1: Session 9 Welcome

These fitClub lessons and activities help kids build healthy decision-making habits that benefit their minds and bodies and encourage them to learn more.

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Kids doing exercises together in a classroom

Activity 2: Put a Little Move in Your Day

Get kids thinking about how they can turn play into exercise and exercise into play and make a movement plan that is fun and easy to do throughout the day.

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kids sitting on the grass and playing a game

Activity 3: Mood, Mood, Move

Help kids understand that movement can be used as a strategy to motivate themselves and manage the many feelings, emotions, and moods they have each day.

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girl doing exercises in gym

Activity 4: Fitness Circuit

Share some strategies with kids so they can self-monitor to reduce screen time and increase play, exercise, and movement activities that boost their energy.

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Adult leader helping kids learn game outside

Activity 5: Know Your Portions

Introduce kids to serving and portion sizes for food and beverages. They will learn to use their hands as a portion guide just right for their body size.

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group of kids exercising on grassy field

Activity 6: Stretch and Discuss fit Tips

Kids do calm breathing and stretching, then discuss sleep and relaxation as a better option than screen time for energy and motivation to make fit choices.

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