Think fit. Be fit!

Let's celebrate how kids have learned about mood, recharge, food and move choices designed to give them healthy lifestyle habits that last a lifetime.

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Kids celebrate all they have learned about making healthy choices at fitClub. They are encouraged to continue to use the fit chant—Think fit. Be fit!—to help them recognize their mood and energy before they make food and move choices. Kids are ready to help others make fit choices too!

Session Supply List

  • Attendance Sheet
  • Snacks
  • Water
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Napkins and Garbage Bag
  • Timer
  • Music
  • Name Tags
  • Blank Paper
  • Cones or Place Markers
  • Markers or Pencils

What is fit Club?

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Session Time: 50 Minutes

fitClub leader talking with kids

Activity 1: fit-athon Introduction

Welcome kids to the final session of fitClub. Introduce kids to the fit-athon games and review key messages about making regular healthy choices to be fit.

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kids getting ready to play a game

Activity 2: fit-Hunt

Teach kids to understand that being fit is about having enough energy and motivation to make healthy nutrition and physical activity choices consistently.

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Kids running outside on a field of grass

Activity 3: Human fit-Check

Help kids practice fit choices. Teach them to recall that recharge and mood influence food and move choices. Ask them to identify examples of fit choices.

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kids playing a game outside on a grassy field

Activity 4: Bonus Activity

Have fun recalling favorite moments and games played during fitClub. If time allows, let kids replay their favorite fitClub game and share what they learned.

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group of kids' and their leader's hands in a huddle

Activity 5: fitClub Closing Celebration

A final fitClub activity designed to celebrate kids learning to build and practice healthy habits about food, mood, and energy to help them be successful.

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