Think Your Fuel

Kids learn how to read and understand food and beverage nutrition labels to help them develop decision-making skills for a consistent healthy lifestyle.

Kids Running on Green Background - Sanford fit Club Session 8


Kids will learn the importance of planning food choices to fuel their body and brain.They will learn to use a food label as a tool help them make nutritious food choices.

Session Supply List

  • Attendance Sheet
  • Name Tags
  • Markers or Pencils
  • Snacks
  • Water
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Napkins and Garbage Bag
  • Music
  • Blank Paper
  • Cones or Place Markers
  • Tape
  • Timer
  • Mesh Vests

What is fit Club?

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Session Time: 50 Minutes

Group of kids standing outdoors and eating oranges

Activity 1: Session 8 Welcome

Encourage kids to talk about how being part of fitClub is a great way to practice and develop healthy choice behaviors, habits, and decision-making skills.

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smiling kids standing in a circle

Activity 2: Food Choices Throughout Your Day

Through this activity, kids will identify nutritious food and beverage choices and plan for healthy food choices.

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group of kids running a relay in a gym

Activity 3: Food and Mood Relay

Teach kids several healthy eating tips that help them learn how feelings, emotions, and mood can make them want to grab food when they aren't really hungry.

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kids running around cones in a gym

Activity 4: Food and Move Scramble

Help kids identify nutritious foods as opposed to foods with little health benefits. Nutritious food choices give them the best energy to move and play.

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kids playing a game in a gym while adult watches

Activity 5: Capture the Food Label

Introduce kids to food label reading. Help them discover the sugar content and serving sizes on food labels to guide decision-making about food choices.

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girl stretching and touching her toes in a gym

Activity 6: Stretch and Discuss Food Choices

Practice breathing exercises and stretching with kids. Build on earlier discussions about how food, sleep, and relaxation give them energy to move and think.

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