Read the FAQ list so you can get started helping kids learn about adopting healthy lifestyle choices.

Q: What is fitClub?
fitClub is an after-school program, brought to you by Sanford fit, to teach kids about healthy lifestyle choices. The fitClub program consists of 10, 50-minute sessions filled with energizing activities and games that support social and emotional learning and healthy development. fitClub activities can easily be modified for learners' needs, interests, and abilities.

Q: Is it really free?
Yes! fitClub is an extension of Sanford fit, which is a health initiative with free resources and programs for kids and families. 

Q: How do I use fitClub?
A: fitClub was designed for elementary school-aged children in grades 4-6, but can easily be adapted for younger children. Anyone can lead fitClub! The program is designed to be easily used by community volunteers, child care providers, parents, educators, or anyone that is excited to engage children and inspire healthy lifestyle choices. fitClub is perfect for any group setting. Any place with an activity space will work! Use as part of your out-of-school program or with community groups, church groups, youth sports, at home, and more!

Q: How do I get started?
A: Go to and check out the fitClub Leader's Guide to view a scope and sequence chart. You can also select the “Discover” link at the top of the page, then “Club” from the drop-down content menu. Read through the sessions and activities, and download or print the free resources for the sessions you’re using. Be sure to read about Grouping Kids to Boost Participation to learn about best practices for activity groups to prepare for your session.

Q: Do the sessions have to be done in a particular order?
Each fitClub session builds upon the knowledge and skills from the previous session, so kids will have the best experience if sessions are taught in order. Each session contains six different activities. You may choose to do one session per week or more frequently based on your setting.

Q: What is the duplication policy?
Print everything you may need from your computer, tablet, or phone! Or, save the paper and access resources from your electronic device! All material may be reproduced for educational purposes. Here’s a tip: when printing materials, like the Move Activity Cards, print them in color and laminate them for reuse and longevity.