Know Your Mood

Kids learn to recognize their feelings and emotions and how they influence healthy behavior choices through engaging games, activities, and group discussions.

Kids playing outside - Sanford fit club session 3


Kids will learn that feelings and emotions influence their recharge, food, and move choices. Learning to motivate their mood empowers kids to make healthy choices.

Session Supply List

  • Attendance Sheet
  • Name Tags
  • Snacks
  • Napkins and Garbage Bag
  • Markers or Pencils
  • Water
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Cones or Place Markers
  • Blank Paper
  • Scooters or Towels
  • Timer
  • Music

What is fit Club?

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Session Time: 50 Minutes

adult leader teaching kids about healthy habits

Activity 1: Session 3 Welcome

Kids learn all about healthy lifestyles during fitClub. The program is filled with lessons to help them talk about healthy choices, play games and have fun.

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girls writing on a piece of paper

Activity 2: Mood Brainstorm Race

Help kids understand that their feelings and emotions put them in a mood. This activity helps kids connect knowing their mood to making healthy choices.

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kids getting ready to play a game in a gym

Activity 3: 4 Corner Charades

Kids play a game to practice recognizing different feelings, emotions, and moods. They also learn about strategies they can use to self-manage their moods.

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smiling kids running in a gym

Activity 4: Choose to Move Run

Help kids practice using positive self-talk to motivate themselves to come up with creative games and activities to be more active and reduce screen time.

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Kids running a relay outside on a grassy field

Activity 5: Food Relay

Kids learn that taking time to pause and recognize their feelings, emotions, and moods will help them to do a better job of making food and beverage choices.

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Group of kids doing yoga on mats outside

Activity 6: Stretch and Discuss Feelings and Emotions

Kids do mindful breathing and stretching exercises while they talk about tips to help themselves manage their moods that result from feelings and emotions.

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