Practicing mindfulness is practicing purposefully paying attention to your breathing, feelings, senses, or actions in the present moment. When one is mindful, they increase their ability to regulate emotions, manage stress, and self-motivate. Being mindful at home doesn't need to be complicated. Here are 5 of our favorite ways to settle your mind and calm your body, any time and anywhere. For another opportunity to practice being mindful, check out our newest printable: Mindful Moments Cards.

Pick a color!
This is an activity from our new Mindful Moments Cards that we love! Choose a color, any color, maybe your favorite color. Look around the house and find ten objects that are this color. Pick another color and repeat.

Keep a journal!
Inspire creativeness in yourself or your kids, and keep a journal. It can be for personal reflection, drawing, or even creative writing. Keeping a journal can be a great form of self-expression and relaxation.

Practice yoga!
Using your tablet or computer, you have access to hundreds of different yoga videos to help stretch your muscles, get the blood moving, and recharge your brain and body. You can use our fitFlow cards with the kids, too!

“Sounds Good” Exercise!
This is another activity from our Mindful Moments Cards that’s popular for people of all ages! Sit somewhere comfortable and close your eyes. What do you hear? Do you hear many things or just your own breathing? Focus on one sound and sway with the natural rhythm.

Savor what you consume!
This is a great option for practicing mindfulness in the smaller moments of your day. Drink your coffee, and really taste it. Experience the full sensation – the warmth, the scent, the feeling. Share in a mindful moment with your family and do the same over dinner. Talk about your experiences together, and see if one of you notices something the others didn’t.