Q: What is fit?
fit is a system of accessible resources and programs for children, families, and educators to instill sustainable healthy habits. fit is comprised of two foundational parts:

  1. Programs and activities that empower children and their families to make healthy lifestyle choices.
  2. A unique content model highlighting four key factors of whole-child wellness: recharge (sleep and relaxation), mood (motivation), food (nutrition), and move (physical activity). 

Q: Is it really free?
A: Yes! fit is a health initiative supported through the Sanford Health Foundation. 

Q: What resources are available?
A: Whether you are looking for tips to help your child cope with changing emotions, answers to your sleep questions, activities, or recipes, the fit website has hundreds of articles, downloadable activities, videos, music, and more!

Q: Who creates your content and programs?
A: We have an amazing team of experts in education, public health, childhood development, exercise science, and design that work together with our health care team at Sanford Health to create engaging, educational resources for your family. Educators and health experts review all content before it is published on fit.sanfordhealth.org. Content is reviewed and updated on a regular basis to keep the information relevant and accurate.

Q: How do I use fit?
A: Browse the Discover page to view a collection of articles, videos, activities, games, and printables. You can sort by topic, resource, and setting to view resources and kick start healthy habits and important conversations with your family about topics like mindfulness, sleep, nutrition, and physical activity. If you’re looking for easy, on-the-go content, follow us on social media @sanfordfitkids or sign up for our weekly emails.

Q: What is the duplication policy?

A: All fit materials are available in a digital format on the website. Prefer a printed copy? Go ahead and print from your computer, tablet, or phone! All materials may be reproduced for educational purposes. 

Q: Is your program evidence-based?
A: fit is an application of evidence-based theories and models. Throughout the development and design process, several formative and pilot studies have informed fit programs and resources. Currently, we are partnered with researchers at Michigan State University to conduct a feasibility study. We're always looking for new opportunities to conduct research and evaluate the impact of our programs and resources.

The following publications provide information about the evidence and theoretical models supporting fit

Suzanne E. Williams & Donna Hardie (2019) Introduction to Sanford Health Children’s Health & Fitness (fit) Initiative: A Physical and Emotional Health Promotional Intervention, American Journal of Health Education, 50:3, 159-166, DOI: 10.1080/19325037.2019.1590257

Williams SE, Nachtigall N, Hardie D (2018) Children's Physical and Emotional Health Promotional Intervention: Sanford Health Fitness (Fit) Initiative. J Child Obes S1-003.

We hope you find the resources you need on our website to support your family’s growth of healthy habits. Follow us @sanfordfitkids on social and share our resources with your friends and relatives.

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