Routines are a vital part of your kids’ growth and development. Doing the same things, in the same order, at the same times every day, encourages a sense of security and control for your child. A routine also gives kids a sense of normalcy and helps them know what they can expect to happen in their daily lives. By incorporating healthy choices into kids’ routines regularly, you will encourage them to regularly make healthy choices and spark their curiosity about health and wellness as they grow. But how can you add healthy choices to your family’s daily life? fit's family resources are your answer!

fit is a system of accessible, free resources and programs developed to empower children, families, and educators to make healthy lifestyle choices. To know how to best use fit at home, we’ve answered your top questions to help get you and your family started!

Q: What family resources are available?
A: fit offers over 100 printable activities, 75 videos, 100+ articles, and 13 units with 5 lessons each. Every resource is expert-backed by Sanford Health professionals in education, public health, childhood development, exercise science, and design. All resources are free to use and download. Whether you are looking for tips to help your child cope with changing emotions, answers to your sleep questions, ways to stay active, or recipes, fit has a resource for you! 

Q: How do I use fit and the resources?
A: Browse the Discover page to view a collection of articles, videos, activities, games, and printables. You can sort by topic, resource, and setting to view resources and kick-start healthy habits and important conversations with your family about topics like mindfulness, sleep, nutrition, and physical activity. If you’re looking for easy, on-the-go content, follow us on social media @sanfordfitkids or sign up for our weekly emails to receive the latest available resources.

Q: What ages are best for the program?
A: Most of fit’s resources are designed for K-5th graders, but resources can be adapted to meet children of various ages. Fit also provides some resources for tweens and teens. To receive the latest teen and tween resources, sign up for our monthly newsletter here

Q: How long does it take to use the resources? 
A: fit’s resources are always available for free online, and they’re designed to work into your family’s unique schedule. We offer videos ranging from 1-5 minutes, 1-10 minute read articles with expert advice, and our printable activities are meant to be on-the-go resources that you can take with you anywhere, anytime. 

Q: What do the four categories mean: Recharge, Mood, Food, and Move?
A: Each category is one of fit’s four pillars and together, they are essential to building awareness of healthy lifestyle choices. Since being fit is more than just eating right and exercising, it’s important to understand what influences choices. 

To learn more about what each pillar means, check out How fit Works.

Q: What are some of your most popular resources for caregivers and families?
A: Some of our most popular resources include this article on 10 Ways to Minimize Screen Time, our fitFlow Activity, Relax with Dakota: A Mindful Meditation for Kids video, or any of our Cheat Sheets for Caregivers. Check out this article for more of our top family resources.

Q: What makes fit different from other online programs? 
A: Not only are all of fit’s resources free to use, but they are also gamified to make learning about healthy choices fun for both kids and caregivers. We explore choices with kids in an easy-to-understand way and boost their confidence and skills to be able to make healthier choices. Additionally, several of our resources are available in both English and Spanish.

Q: Is your program evidence-based?
A: fit is an application of evidence-based theories and models. Throughout the development and design process, several formative and pilot studies have informed fit programs and resources. Currently, we are partnered with researchers at Michigan State University to conduct a feasibility study. We're always looking for new opportunities to conduct research and evaluate the impact of our programs and resources.

The following publications provide information about the evidence and theoretical models supporting fit

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