Think fit. Be fit! Healthy Choice Stations

Learners practice healthy recharge, mood, food, and move choices at fit activity stations.

girl in wheelchair playing catch

Key Message

Think fit. Be fit! Make healthy recharge, mood, food, and move choices throughout your day.


  1. Demonstrate healthy recharge, mood, food, and move choices.
  2. Give examples of when and where recharge, mood, food, and move choices can be made.
  3. Apply a variety of motor skills and movement patterns to station activities.


  • Safety: Section off four activity areas. Determine boundaries that are a safe distance from obstacles and walls.
  • Ensure equipment and materials are properly cleaned. 
  • Place a fit Poster at each activity area to designate the station and activity.
  • Determine how you will group learners, using best practice guidelines from the Teacher's Guide.
  • Be prepared to demonstrate fitBoost activity and fitFlow yoga. 

Warm Up

Begin with a fitBoost.




Say: Let’s review the four parts of fit! I will make a statement, and you are to move (identify locomotor movement) to the area of fit that fills in the blank.

  1. Following a bedtime routine helps you to get enough sleep to _______ your energy. (recharge
  2. Take time to stop and think about your feelings and emotions that set your ________. Are you motivated to make a healthy choice? (mood)
  3. _______ is fuel for your body to go, grow, and know. (food
  4. _______  many times and many ways each day to strengthen your body and brain. (move)

The number one thing you need to know is that thinking about recharge, mood, food, and move will help you make fit choices. So let’s think fit and be fit!


Recharge, mood, food, and move choices give us energy to go, grow, and know! I will read a statement, and you are to move (identify locomotor movement) to the area of the gym that matches that part of being fit.

  1. I turn off all screens and start getting ready for bed about an hour before my bedtime. (recharge)
  2. I stop and think about my feelings before I make a food, move, or recharge choice. (mood)
  3. I drink water when I am thirsty instead of soda, juice, or sports drinks. (food)
  4. I move, walk, or jog a lap around the playground at the beginning of recess before I play games with my friends. (move)

Today we are going to practice healthy recharge, mood, food, and move choices. You and your partner will rotate through 4 fit stations—one each for recharge, mood, food, and move.



  1. Demonstrate the Think fit. Be fit! station activities:
  • Recharge Your Energy: Partners draw a fitFlow yoga card and work together to do a yoga flow as a quiet activity to recharge energy. Learners stay in each position for five deep, slow breaths. (Message: Do a quiet activity to recharge your energy.)
  • Motivate Your Mood: Learners work with a partner to move (teacher-selected locomotor movement) across the mood activity area while standing side to side with shoulders touching. If they reach the other side, they return, using a different locomotor movement. (Message: When you need to motivate your mood, do something with a friend!)
  • Think Your Food: Partners choose food cards to make a MyPlate meal. They move (teacher-selected locomotor movement) to one side of the food area to select a card then return to the MyPlate diagram and place the card next to the matching food group. (Message: Eat a variety of foods each day.)
  •  Move Your Body: Make a move choice. Jump rope or do a throw/catch activity. (Message: Make moving fun!)
  1. Divide learners into 4 groups. Learners in each group will work with a partner for each activity. New partners may be selected after each activity station rotation. 

  2. Learners do the activity at each station. Rotate after 1 to 3 minutes. Learners may go to each station more than once.

Close the Lesson

  1. Partner learners.

  2. Do fitFlow yoga sets: Select a fitFlow card and work in partners to complete the poses.

  3. Partners do a think-pair-share or turn-and-talk to review lesson.
  • Think about recharge, mood, food, and move choices you can make each day. 
  • Talk with your partner about when and where you can make a recharge choice, a mood choice, a food choice, and a move choice.
  • What choices can you make at different times during the day? 
  • Share your ideas with the class.

  1. Assess understanding with the following questions:

    What are the four kinds of fit choices you can make?
    A: Recharge, mood, food, and move

    Q: How would you explain fit choices to a friend?
    A: When you make a healthy recharge, mood, food, or move choice, you are making a fit choice!

    Q: Describe a fit choice you can make in the morning, at lunch, after school, and before bed.
    A: Accept any healthy choice relating to recharge, mood, food, or move.

  2. Use the Assessment Rubric (see Teacher's Guide) as a checklist to assess understanding, skill development, and personal responsibility. Encourage learners to identify influencers at home, in the community, and at school.



When and where will you make your next fit choice?

Health Education Standards

  • Standard 1: Core Concepts-Use self-control and impulse-control strategies to promote health.
  • Standard 5: Decision-making

Social and Emotional Learning Competencies

  • Responsible Decision-Making
  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Management

Physical Education Standards

  • Standard 1: Motor skills and movement patterns
  • Standard 3: Health-enhancing physical fitness
  • Standard 4: Responsible personal and social behavior

Extend the Lesson

Adaptations and Modifications

  • Adapt locomotor skills and movement patterns to learners' needs, interests, and abilities.
  • Demonstrate and rehearse the predetermined movement skills for each round of the activity.
  • Modify game setup so that all children can participate.
  • Play a fit Workout video for activity warm up and cool down.


Take me to the full list of fitGames.

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