Sometimes when we’ve been sitting for too long, we can get tired and groggy. Taking the time to relax and recharge your energy without a screen is so important to your well-being, but it’s hard to enjoy it when you’re always doing the same things. With some of our favorite resources, you’ll have great options for relaxing, no matter where you are!

Let’s Flow! Yoga for Kids. Yoga encourages mindfulness and helps kids strengthen their physical and mental abilities. We created the fitFlow Activity to make practicing yoga easy, and created free printable sets of flow cards that you can take with you on the go!

Breathing Techniques to Inspire Mindfulness in Kids. Deep breathing exercises and meditation can calm the body and settle a busy mind. Deep breathing doesn’t have to be perfect, and practice makes progress. Pick an exercise and incorporate mindful breathing into a child’s daily routine. It can help them calm down before bedtime or regulate their emotions during a tantrum.

Mindful Moments Cards. Mindfulness is all about giving yourself moments throughout your day to enjoy the little things and relax, physically and mentally. How often do you sit down and enjoy your meals? How many times in a day do you stop and stretch or take some deep breaths? Choose a card from the deck and find one of twenty cool activities to do with kids, anytime and anywhere.

The Art of Relaxing. Your day is full of activities so you deserve some time to relax. Making sure to have some daily downtime will make a huge difference in your day. Learn to master the art of relaxing with this free video. No matter who you are or what your day looks like, take some time to unwind and consider it self-care.

Take a Break Basket. Just because you can’t take a nap doesn’t mean you can’t relax as a way to recharge your body during the day. Create and fill your Take a Break Basket with different activities that you can do when you want a relaxing option that doesn’t require a nap. When your kids plan their ways to relax, they’re more excited to follow through.

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