Falling asleep isn’t always easy. Sometimes you might have too many thoughts in your head. Sometimes you might be too excited for the next day. However, sleep is important! Sleep keeps you from getting sick, gives you the energy you need, and boosts your mood. Here's how to do a body scan that anyone can use to fall asleep easier.


Body Scan

1. Get ready. Lie down on your bed. Pretend it is time to go to sleep. Get ready to relax your muscles from your head to your toes.

2. Take 3 deep breaths. Relax your mind.

3. Close your eyes. Inhale for 8 counts, hold for 2 counts, and then exhale.

4. Relax your body. Start at your face:

5. Keep your eyes closed. Keep working down through each body part individually. Squeeze, then hold each body part for 5 counts, then relax:

Don’t forget to relax after every body part. By the time you are done, you should be refreshed and recharged! Doing a body scan can help relax your body and brain. Relaxing helps you fall asleep. Sleep keeps your body healthy and strong. When you are going to sleep, do a body scan to help relax.

Be fit! Getting enough sleep is part of being fit. Those who don't get enough rest are less likely to have the energy they need to move and be active. Being sleepy makes it hard to concentrate and can create negative moods. A lack of sleep can lead to unhealthy habits. Make sure to get enough rest to live a fit life.