When your kids experience big emotions, they may feel stressed or overwhelmed. By resting and recharging through relaxation, your kids can calm their bodies and brains as they navigate their way through those feelings. Practicing deep breathing is a great way to relax!

When doing these deep-breathing exercises, get comfortable. You can lie down, sit, kneel, or whatever you need to do to get in a comfy position. Count softly during the inhale, hold, and exhale to keep a consistent rhythm. Repeat each breathing exercise 5 times or until your child feels relaxed. Take a look at some of our favorite deep breathing routines:

Belly Breathing

Bumble Bee Breath

Dragon Breath

How do you feel after those breathing exercises? Practice them often and soon your kids will be able to self-regulate like professionals! Being aware of feelings and emotions is the first step to managing your mood.

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