With summer winding down, are you running out of ways to keep your kids active? Is it hard to keep screen time from dominating your day? You’re not alone, this is a common challenge for so many people. Take a look through some of our most popular resources and try a few out! Your kids will be moving in no time.

Top 10 Books to Inspire Physical Activity. A new book before bed is a great way to get your kids excited for the next day, especially when it’s about different ways to move. With this article, you’ll have 10 different options to choose from! Pick a book, choose an activity based on the book, and make a plan to do it the next day!

Fun Ways to Get Kids to Move Each Day. In this lesson, kids will learn how to incorporate fun movement ideas into their daily lives. Everything is finished for you! Grab your device for the slideshow and print the free printables, or attach them in your virtual Classroom. Your kids can get moving whether they’re at home or in class.

fit Workout: Full Body Workout. This video provides your kids with 5 minutes of movement that will recharge their bodies and brains for the rest of the day. It’s free and ready to share with any kid you know.

How Can You Move? Here’s a printable that’s ready to go for you, at home or in your classroom. With this handout, your kids will brainstorm all the different ways they can move throughout their day. Download the PDF, print it, and you’re ready to go!

What’s in a Move? A quick slideshow always adds to your lesson. Take this slideshow and pair it with the lesson in #2, and teach your kids what defines a move and how it impacts their bodies.

fit Music Playlist. With so many catchy tunes, it’s hard not to move! Songs on this playlist like I Can Move Myself and Put a Little Move in Your Day will encourage your kids to move while they listen to the songs, and even after the songs end.

fitBoost. With digital and printable options, your kids can use fitBoost at home, in gym class, or in your classroom! These fun and engaging moves will enhance your kids’ physical fitness and boost their mental alertness as well.

Let’s Flow! Yoga for Kids. If you’re looking for a way to keep your kids active in a low-intensity way, look no further! With this article, you’ll learn how to use fitFlow and refocus your body and brain, as well as practice being mindful.

fitGames-Daily Moves Station Cards. These grab-and-go cards give your kids easy ideas to use throughout the day. With options for morning, afternoon, and evening, your kids can always keep moving!

Ways Kids Can Move to Increase Energy. One of our most popular lessons to help your kids understand the connection between their energy levels and how much they move. A complete lesson plan for youjust print and play! 

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