Practicing positive self-talk is the perfect way for you and your kids to work on making healthy choices. Acknowledging yourself in a positive way encourages your mind to continue doing things that will create more positive reinforcement. Start your own cycle of positivity with 10 of our favorite resources for learning and teaching positive self-talk.

Using Positive Self-Talk to Motivate Your Mood. Want to learn more about what to say to yourself? Here are some of the best phrases to retrain your brain and think positive thoughts. Don’t let your internal voice tell you that you can’t do it!

Positive Self-Talk Coloring Pages. Print these coloring pages and get creative! Take time to relax, recharge, and remember your strengths with these fun, free coloring pages. Post them on the wall when they’re finished and look at them daily to start your day off right.

It’s a Good Day for a Good Day. A growth mindset can help you work on your self-talk. In this article, we talk about The Little Engine that Could and the “I think I can” attitude that will motivate your mood. Anything is possible with a growth mindset!

Techniques Kids Can Use to Take Charge of Their Moods. In this classroom lesson, kids will learn about how their feelings and emotions create their moods. The lesson planning is done, all you need to do is print a few pages to hand out and you’ll be set to go. Teach kids to recognize the power they have to control their moods throughout the day.

Recognize Your Mood Slideshow. This slideshow pairs perfectly with the lesson in #4! With options for kids of all ages, you can teach kids how their choices can help them to take charge of their moods.

Healthy Choices Posters. A great way to practice positivity is to make healthy choices. Print these Healthy Choices Posters and put them up to remind yourself about all the healthy choices you can make to help yourself feel great. When your body and brain feel good, your feelings and emotions will too!

fit Music Playlist. These catchy, upbeat songs are a fun way for your kids to learn about making those healthy choices. Songs like A Really, Really, Really Super Good Day and Taking Care of My Mood help your kids to remember how to motivate their moods and have a great day.

Your Mood and Your Mindset. This classroom lesson helps kids learn how to develop a fit mindset and all of the pieces that go into it. They will learn how to define their moods and identify their feelings and emotions. Everything is ready to go for you—all you have to do is print and go.

fitClub-Mood Activity Cards Our free printable Mood Cards are an easy option to help your kids describe their own feelings and emotions. Get them for free by downloading the PDF! You can take these cards anywhere and everywhere, and there’s always time to practice motivating your mood.

Get to Know Your Feelings Video. Join our dear mime friend as she identifies her emotions. Encourage your kids to make faces with her as each emotion comes around. Pair this with the Recognize Your Mood slideshow or the Your Mood and Your Mindset lesson to show your kids the importance of knowing your emotions and feelings.

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