As a parent or teacher, you can easily incorporate physical activity throughout the day without having to go on a run or do push-ups. No sweat! Physical activity does not have to be completed in a school P.E. class, on the playground, or even at the gym pumping iron. Help your kids stay on track by providing movement opportunities and serving as a positive role model. Here are eight easy ways to encourage kids to be more active throughout the day.

Give that morning routine a boost. Encourage your kids to energize first thing in the morning by cranking up the tunes in their room and dancing crazy while getting dressed for school. If you have morning meetings or circle time with your kids, add some time for a quick stretch or dance party to get their minds ready for the day.

Move while you wait. Throughout the day, kids encounter several moments where they have to wait, and those moments make for perfect opportunities to get moving! If they’re waiting in the morning, encourage them to stand up and sway from side to side, pace, or do some arm circles while they use their backpack as a weight. If they’re getting antsy during a lesson, take a few minutes to boost your students’ brains! Take a look at some of our favorite brain break ideas if you need some inspiration.

Shake up the transportation. Riding a bike or walking can be such a fun way to get around. Whether your kids are on their way to school or taking a class trip, there’s always a way to make the trip more fun. Next time you go somewhere, challenge your kids to play hopscotch while you walk together.

Make time for daily stretching. Re-energize your kids by doing some stretches mid-morning and mid-afternoon. The stretches can be as simple as toe touches and overhead arm reaches. Or you can take a few more minutes and do a flow-style stretch using the fitFlow Activity.

Take the long way. Whether you are headed to the bathroom or the lunchroom, take your kids on the longest route to increase the number of steps they take. Add in a fun element by having them crouch down, penguin waddle, walk on their tip toes, or other creative movement ideas. If you’re at home, encourage your kids to take a few laps around the living room to boost those steps.

Try to take the stairs. In addition to taking the long way, try to take the stairs whenever possible. Better yet, if there are stairs outside, take periodic breaks and head outside to walk the stairs. Fresh air will refresh your kids’ brains while they move their bodies. Can’t get outside or have a group with limited mobility? Try having kids march in place or pump their arms while they sit to encourage some extra blood flow.

It’s time to stand up. Encourage kids to stand up whenever possible during the day. Allow kids the option to stand at their desks while reading or working on an assignment. If they’ve been using screens for a while, take a break and stand up for a few minutes! It’s amazing what a simple change in view can do to boost the body and refresh the brain.

Change up your cleanup. Help kids find fun and sneaky ways to move more while they help with cleaning. Suggest that they put some music on and dance around while they clean their room or clean up their desks in class. Try this! For every item that they clean or organize, encourage them to do one movement from the fitBoost card pack.

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