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fitClub Closing Celebration

A final fitClub activity designed to celebrate kids learning to build and practice healthy habits about food, mood, and energy to help them be successful.

fitClub leader talking with kids
kids getting ready to play a game
Kids running outside on a field of grass
kids playing a game outside on a grassy field
group of kids' and their leader's hands in a huddle

Activity Purpose

Celebrate the kids' participation in fitClub by awarding certificates and challenging the kids to help others make healthy choices too!


  •  Recognize the key concepts of fit:
    • fit has four parts: recharge, mood, food, and move.
    • Recharge and mood are influencers of your food and move choices throughout the day.
    • Food choices fuel your body and your brain.
    • Move is physical activity. Moving boosts your body and your brain!


  • Talk Time: Kids sit and stretch or stand and march in place a safe distance apart.
  • Activity: Print a fitClub Certificate and a fitMarathon for each club member. Print names on certificates and have them ready to distribute.
  • Wrap Up: Award certificates and challenge kids to continue making fit choices with their families by doing a fitMarathon together.

Talk Time


You have now spent over 8 hours at fitClub learning about and practicing fit choices! 

I want to thank all of you for doing a great job at fitClub. You are now ready to make fit choices on your own every day. You will be receiving a certificate for the completion of fitClub (and any other celebration items). I also have an activity that you can use on your own to continue, as well as help other family members, make fit Choices.  It's called a fitMarathon!

As I call your name, please come forward and get your  fitClub Certificate and fitMarathon (and any other celebration items). 

Do The Activity

Activity Instructions
  1. Gather kids to the center of the activity space. 
  2. Call out each kid's name individually.
  3. Kids will come forward to receive their fitClub Certificate and fitMarathon.  

Wrap Up


Do the fit-Chant! 

Leader: Think fit. (Pointer finger pointed at brain.) 
Kids: Know your mood! (Pointer finger pointed at brain.) 

Leader: Be fit! (Show thumbs up!)
Kids: Make a healthy choice! (Show thumbs up!)

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