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Help kids practice fit choices. Teach them to recall that recharge and mood influence food and move choices. Ask them to identify examples of fit choices.

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Activity Purpose

This activity helps kids practice using the fit-check to help themselves make fit choices throughout their day.


  • Recall that recharge and mood influence food and move choices.
  • Identify examples of fit choices.


  • Talk Time: Kids sit and stretch or stand and march in place. Be sure they are a safe distance (arm's length) apart.
  • Activity: Label three sheets of paper to use as a sign: fit, Middle, and Not fit. Set up space for three lines in the activity space:
    • fit side: Put the piece of paper with “fit” on it at the end of the line. 
    • Middle: Kids form a horizontal line (shoulder to shoulder) in the middle of the activity area and face the fit side of the activity area.
    • Not fit side: Opposite of the fit line, place the piece of paper with “Not fit written on it. 
  • Wrap Up: Kids partner with someone sitting near them for discussion.

Talk Time


I am going to say some statements, and you are to move to the right for the first choice or to the left for the second choice.

  • When you need to refresh your energy during the day, would you rather sit quietly and listen to music or read a book?
  • When you are feeling bored, would you rather do some artwork or play with a sibling or a friend?
  • Would you rather eat an apple or a string cheese for a snack?
  • Would you rather sing a silly song or make up a dance?

You just made a choice between 2 choices that are both fit choices. Next, we are going to see if we can identify choices that are fit and choices that are not fit as we play "fit, Not fit."

Do The Activity

Activity Instructions
  1. Place one piece of paper labeled "fit" and one piece of paper labeled "not fit" on opposite sides of the activity space.
  2. Kids stand in a horizontal line (shoulder to shoulder) in the middle of the activity space facing the fit side.
  3. Remind kids that being fit is about making healthy recharge, mood, food, and move choices; then begin reading the My Day of Choices Scenarios below. Note: Leader does not read the words "fit or "not fit" when reading the story. These are placed in the story to provide guidance in which way to move if needed.
  • Kids will take a giant step forward if they hear a "fit" choice. 
  • Kids will take two giant steps backward if they hear a "not fit" choice.
  • Kids should end up closer to the “fit” line at the end of the activity. 
  1. Be sure to pause for each underlined space so kids can move as you read the scenarios below: 
  • Last night, I watched TV at bedtime (not fit), and I stayed up way past my bedtime (not fit).
  • Now, I don't have any energy (not fit), and I am late getting ready for school. No big deal (not fit).
  • I will just skip breakfast (not fit).
  • I think I need to stop and think about my choices (fit).
  • Tonight, I will follow my bedtime routine (fit) and recharge my energy (fit) with at least 9 hours of sleep (fit).
  • In the morning, I may even have time for 10 overhead reaches (fit), and I will (fit) drink a glass of milk and eat a banana (fit) for breakfast.

Change your moves: Hop as you move forward and backward.

  • I am so tired. It was a long day at school.
  • I'm going to grab a bag of chips (not fit), sit down (not fit), and play on my tablet (not fit).
  • Wait! I need to check my recharge (fit).
  • I need to get some energy (fit).
  • I need to turn my "I won't" around to an "I will" make a healthy choice mood (fit).
  • First, I will recharge (fit).
  • Then I will stretch and take some deep breaths to relax  (fit).
  • Now I am ready to get up and move (fit).

Change your moves: Jump as you move forward and backward.

  • After moving (fit), my stomach is grumbling, and I am hungry. Hmm... What's in the cupboard to eat?
  • This candy bar (not fit) looks SO good!
  • I need to stop and think about my choice (fit) and ask myself if a candy bar is healthy for my body and brain (fit).
  • I don't care (not fit). I just want something that tastes good (not fit).
  • Wait a minute, I need to stop and think about this (fit).
  • I need to talk myself into a healthy choice (fit).
  • I will have an apple instead (fit).

Change your moves: Skip as you move forward and backward.

  • Oh, I'm so bored! I have my homework done, and now there is nothing to do until dinner time. I have an idea! I will go play my video games (not fit) until it's time to eat.
  • But wait! I should set a timer to limit my screen time to 10 minutes (fit).
  • I am still bored. Now what should I do? I need to get some energy. I can move to boost my energy (fit). I will (fit) get out my Move Take Home forwards and make up a fit dance (fit).
  • It really helps to do a fit-check before I make a choice (fit) so I can remember to make the healthy choice (fit).
  • I can do the fit-chant to remember how to do a fit-check (fit). It goes like this: 

Leader: Think fit. (Pointer finger pointed at brain.) 
Kids: Know your mood. (Pointer finger pointed at brain.) 

Leader: Be fit! (Show thumbs up!)
Kids: Make a healthy choice. (Show thumbs up!)

Wrap Up


Work with a partner to name 5 things that come to mind when I say "fit choices."  If you can name 5, can you name 10?


Remember to think fit and be fit when you make choices throughout your day! 

Time: 10 Minutes

What You'll Need


  • Blank Paper
  • Markers or Pencils
  • Timer

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