Teach kids to understand that being fit is about having enough energy and motivation to make healthy nutrition and physical activity choices consistently.

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Activity Purpose

Help kids recall that fit is about having enough energy and the motivation to make healthy nutrition and physical activity choices.


  •  Recognize the key concepts of fit:
    • fit has four parts: recharge, mood, food, and move.
    • Recharge and mood are influencers of your food and move choices throughout the day.
    • Food choices fuel your body and your brain.
    • Move is physical activity. Moving boosts your body and your brain!


  • Talk Time: Gather kids to the center of the activity space to sit and stretch. Be sure they are a safe distance (arm’s length) apart.
  • Activity:  Print a copy of the fit-Hunt Printable for each kid. Randomly, place a fit-Hunt Card under a cone throughout the activity area. If cones are not available, scatter the cards face down around the activity space.
  • Wrap Up: Have kids sit in a circle.

Talk Time


Did you know that people have been doing scavenger hunts for hundreds of years? Even your great grandparents did scavenger hunts!

This activity is similar to a scavenger hunt. You will hunt for word cards to help you show all of the things you know about making healthy choices and being fit.

Do The Activity

Activity Instructions
  1. Scatter fit-Hunt Activity Cards face down throughout the activity space. Place a cone over the cards.
  2. Distribute a copy of the fit-Hunt Printable and pens or markers to each kid.
  3. Set a time for 5 minutes and shout, “GO!” Kids start to search for the cards with the answers to the questions on their fill-in-the-blank paper. 
  4. Periodically draw a Move Activity Card and yell, “FREEZE!”
  5. Kids stop in place and the leader leads them in doing the selected move.
  6. Shout "Go!" and kids continue the fit-hunt.
  7. Repeat the search time and “FREEZE” activity cycle for the time allotted.
  8. When time is up, kids sit in a circle and discuss the answers on the fit-hunt printable.

Wrap Up


Q: What will be your next fit choice?  
A: Answers can vary. Encourage responses that identify recharge, mood, food, and move choices.


Q: What are 3 things that come to mind when I ask you about what you learned during your entire time at fitClub?
A: Encourage responses that correspond with making recharge, mood, food, and move choices.

Q: Flash forward. What's one thing you want to remember from fitClub 10 years from now? 
A: Answers will vary.

Time: 10 Minutes

What You'll Need


  • Cones or Place Markers
  • Timer

Helpful Tips
  • If located in a small space, crab walk or bear crawl across the activity space.

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