During winter, cold temperatures or rain will likely move recess inside…and teachers and students can feel like they are going stir-crazy! Make the most of your indoor recess by pausing to remember all of the good things recess does for students (and teachers) and plan your indoor time accordingly.


Physical Benefits

Recess gives students an outlet to burn off energy and get the physical activity their bodies need. Begin your recess with a guided moderate-to-vigorous physical activity; do a fitBoost or watch a 5-minute fit workout video. Always end with a cool-down and some breathing to make a smooth transition to the next activity.


Social and Emotional Benefits

After warming up with physical activity, break out the games! During gameplay, students interact, socialize, cooperate, and problem solve. Kids love to play checkers, Chutes and Ladders, Operation, and card games or put together jigsaw puzzles. 


Cognitive Benefits

In addition to gameplay, offer your students a creative option. A creativity break helps students to retain information and relieve stress. Use your math manipulatives for tower building or grab some paper, pencils, crayons, or markers and doodle or draw. Better yet, create a maker space with pasta, yarn, wire, paper tubes, etc., for kids to create original works of art and sculptures.



Perhaps the most frustrating part of an indoor recess is the transition time back to your academic schedule. Help kids transition by letting them know ahead of time that soon, they will need to clean-up and put away the indoor recess activities. Call it a 2-minute warning!


Close your indoor recess with a stretching activity. Do a fitFlow yoga activity or play the fitFlow video for your students. Everyone will be refreshed and ready to take part in whatever the rest of the day brings.