What Influences Choices?

Help kids understand that self-awareness can help them to make healthy choices.


  • Recognize that energy and mood influence your choices.

Info to Know

First and foremost, fit is about choices. Each day a child, no matter their age, makes many choices that impact their health and well-being. The lessons in this unit build awareness of the many moments each day when they can make a choice, then empowers them to make the healthy choice—the fit choice! Print and display the fit Posters to support healthy decision-making involving recharge, mood, food, and move.

Set The Stage

Talk with kids about how kids (and adults!) sometimes make choices automatically, like when they feel bored and watch videos on a tablet for hours at a time. What can you do? This lesson will help you learn to pause and think about making healthy choices!

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Reflect on Personal Choices

Ask students to recall what they did after school yesterday. What kinds of healthy choices did they make? Begin the slideshow and point out the kids' energy level or mood along with their choices.


Consider Making Healthy Choices

Use the discussion questions at the end of the slideshow to help students recognize that the kids' energy and mood influenced their choices. Point out that when you pause and think about what kinds of healthy choices you can make, you are in charge of your choices! You can influence your energy and mood rather than letting your energy and mood influence you.

Check for understanding: How does your energy and mood influence your healthy choices?


Planning Future Choices

Ask students to think about their energy and mood. Does having low energy and feeling bored ever influence their food and move choices? Remind them that when they pause to think about healthy choice options, it's easier to make a healthy choice!

Students share their choices with a friend or by completing the My Choices printable.

Close the Lesson

Write students’ healthy choice ideas on slips of paper to create a recharge- and mood-strategy jar to keep in your classroom. Having a bank of simple, concrete strategies will help students form healthy habits. Easy ideas include:

  • Take 10 deep breaths. 
  • Close your eyes and slowly count backward from 20. 
  • Stretch your arms and legs.
  • Pick a quiet activity you like and do it.
  • Look in the mirror and smile at yourself. 
  • Compliment yourself. 
  • Check in with a friend or adult. 
  • Open a window and breathe fresh air or go outside.

Pick an idea from the jar anytime you need to recharge your energy or motivate your mood!

Note: You may opt to use the Family Fun Jar activity for your classroom or share it with families to help kids be aware of healthy choices they can make at home!

Grade: 3-5

Time: 20 Minutes

Health Education Standards

  • Standard 1: Core Concepts–Engage in activities that are mentally and emotionally healthy.
  • Standard 4: Interpersonal Communication 
  • Standard 5: Decision-Making


Social and Emotional Learning Competencies

  • Responsible Decision-Making

Extend the Lesson

View the fit Units and Lessons Scope and Sequence Chart.

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