Be Active Every Day!

Movement has so many benefits. This video shows some of the ways moving helps your body to know, grow, and go!

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Get Moving in the Classroom

Share this short video with your students and learn some fun new dance moves to get you moving!

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How To Make a Brain Break Spinner

Put your DIY skills to use! This video shows you how to make a brain break spinner your kiddos will L-O-V-E.  Pair it with our fitBoost to get your students up and moving.

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Pool Noodle Obstacle Course

This short video shows how to use pool noodles to create the ultimate obstacle course for your students! 

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Yoga for Kids

Take a yoga brain break with your students to help them focus and get the wiggles out. This video features popular yoga poses for kids like frog, mountain, and airplane.

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fit Workout: Jump Rope and Hula Hoop

Grab a jump rope and hula hoop for this fun fitness workout!

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It's a Good Day for a Good Day!

Show everyone how a positive attitude and a growth mindset can motivate you every day!

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