Energy Makers

Teach kids that sleeping 9-12 hours at night and going screen-free can give recharge your energy. This healthy choice activity is kid-approved and fun.

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Activity Purpose

Play a fun game and learn tips like sleeping 9-12 hours at night and screen-free relaxing throughout the day to get the energy you need.


  • Recognize that your energy (recharge) impacts your motivation to be active.


  • Talk Time: Kids sit and stretch or stand and march in place. 
  • Activity: Be prepared to randomly select an "energy maker" and "energy taker" statement to read aloud. Kids line up in two horizontal (side by side) lines, facing one another with a cone placed between them. Be sure they are a safe distance (arm’s length) apart.
  • Wrap Up: Kids partner with someone sitting near them for discussion.

Talk Time


Did you know that a few minutes of movement can boost your energy? What else gives you energy? 

  • Sleeping 9-12 hours at night.
  • Relaxing without a screen during your day.

Yes, you recharge with a full night's sleep and by relaxing. Recharge gives you energy to move and think!

This activity will help you learn about several choices you can make to recharge and get more energy! Let's form two horizontal lines.

Do The Activity

Activity Instructions
  1. Kids line up in two horizontal lines, facing one another. 
  2. Place a cone in front of each person and have them kneel. 
  3. Leader reads a statement that is either an "energy maker" and "energy taker." 
  4. The goal is for a person to be the first to grab a cone when the leader reads an "energy maker" statement.
  5. When the leader reads an "energy maker" statement, the person who grabs the cone stays in place. The other player moves to the left or right (leader's discretion) while the player that grabbed the cone replaces it for the next energy maker or energy taker statement.
  6. When the leader reads an "energy taker" statement, players do not grab the cone. If one is grabbed, it is replaced. Players remain in their place.
  7. Randomly select one of the statements below to read aloud:

Energy Makers

  • Turn off screens at least one hour before bed.
  • Get 9-12 hours of sleep each night.
  • Follow a bedtime routine.
  • Relax by doing a puzzle.
  • Relax while reading a book.
  • Play outside.

Energy Takers

  • Stay up past your bedtime.
  • Play so hard that you work up a sweat right before bedtime. 
  • Channel surf.
  • Use a screen less than an hour before bed.
  • Leave a bright light on at bedtime.

Wrap Up


Q: Turn to the person next to you and take turns telling one another ways to recharge in your day.

A: Answers will vary. Any "energy maker" response is correct:

  • Turn off screens at least one hour before bed.
  • Get 9-12 hours of sleep each night.
  • Follow a bedtime routine.
  • Relax by doing a puzzle.
  • Relax while reading a book.
  • Play outside.

Recharge to have enough energy to move your body! 


Remember the energy makers! What time will you go to bed tonight to get 9-12 hours of sleep?

Time: 10 Minutes

What You'll Need


  • Cones or Place Markers
  • Timer

Helpful Tips
  • Challenge players to come up with their own energy maker or energy taker statements.

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