Just like cars need gas to go, you need food to help you get up and go!

Do you ever feel like you are low on energy? Your food fuel tank could be low. When that happens, it can be harder to pick the nutritious foods your body and brain need. You might want to eat the first thing you see! That’s why it is important to know about different food groups, so you can take a moment and think about the fuel you'll choose for your body. 

Pick the Best Fuel 

The fit video series, What Food Does for Your Body, shows you how different foods do different things for your body. Each video will help you to think your food and pick the best fuel for your body and brain. Click the links below to learn more!

What Fruits and Vegetables Do for Your Body

A cartoon-style man, wearing a red shirt and orange pants smiles at the camera, holding an apple and a piece of broccoli


What Protein Does for Your Body

A yellow background with a brown dinner table in front, covered in delicious foods like pita sandwiches and salad, with black block letters over top that say 'being fit'


What Water Does for Your Body

A cartoon gym with blue walls is covered by the word 'hydrate' in block letters with a white play button on top


What Whole Grains Do for Your Body

Two animated golden brown grain pieces are in a science lab, one is being processed and the other remains whole


What Dairy Does for Your Body

A cartoon style boy in a red shirt with a glass of milk stands under white block letters that say 'Milk and other dairy products'


What Fat Does for Your Body

White block letters that say 'Eating the right kind of fats' surrounded by different foods like spaghetti, cheese, and salad