Rainy, wet days don’t have to be gloomy, but it can be tricky to keep kids entertained when playing outside isn’t an option. Start with a simple plan or schedule for the day. Write it down on a piece of paper or your family check-in space so that everyone can see it. Schedule out time for household chores, reading time, board games or puzzles, snacks, physical activity, and even time for free choice.

Playing classic games like Go Fish and checkers are good options, but if you are looking for more ways to spend your day, we put together a list of some of our favorite activities that you can do with the kids:

Get moving! Make time for physical activity. It’s an effective way to burn off energy and planning for it throughout the day can boost their mood. To get the recommended 60 minutes each day, you can use gamified activities like our own fitFlow yoga activity and fitBoost activity. Use them on any computer, tablet, or smartphone. Each activity randomly generates 3-4 yoga positions or movements. Kids can play it over and over! You could also have a dance party with our fit Music Playlist or do a movement challenge using the Move ABCs printable.

Set up a maker space or craft table. Free play and creativity stations allow children to explore and boosts their critical thinking skills. Use anything you can find around like empty boxes, colored paper, markers, glue, empty tubes, bubble wrap, cotton balls, or magazines. Get those creative juices flowing and encourage kids to build their own game, picture collage, or craft. If that seems like too much but you still need a quiet activity, you can easily download and print some of our coloring pages. Kids love these Healthy Foods Coloring Pages and the Positive Self-Talk Coloring Pages.

Get cozy and look at a book. If you have the time to read aloud to kids, it’s an excellent way to stimulate their imagination and develop language and listening skills. If you can’t read aloud, create a cozy space with blankets and pillows that feels special or new to them. Ask them to gather several books, then set a timer and encourage them to go through 3-4 books slowly, either reading or looking at the pictures. If you’re in need of family-friendly book ideas, this children’s book list series is a must-read.

Prioritize self-care for everyone. Kids need me-time too and there’s no better time to have a self-care day than when you’re stuck inside. The best self-care habits for kids are those that can be practiced regularly and independently, like brushing their hair, taking a bath/shower, exercising, or even mindful meditation. The earlier a child learns self-care, the more likely they are to maintain those good habits into adulthood. For kids, self-care is about setting aside time to care for their body and brain. Encourage kids to put away their screens and make time for mindfulness. We have printable Mindful Moment cards, a guided relaxation video, and new animal-inspired breathing techniques created just for kids. For more on how to care for yourself as a caregiver, check out this article featuring a board-certified pediatrician.

Make a new rainbow snack recipe! A rainy day is a great time to test out a new recipe. Invite kids into the kitchen and ask them to help you prepare a rainbow snack. Eating a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables is an important part of staying healthy. Using what you already have, put together a snack charcuterie (grazing board) with as many colors as you can find. Some great kid-friendly options are red strawberries, orange slices, yellow peppers, green snap peas, blueberries, and purple (red) grapes. Pair with some string cheese and whole-grain crackers for a nutritious, filling, and fun rainbow snack.

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