What is self-talk? At its essence, self-talk is exactly as it sounds. It’s the way you talk to yourself. There are many forms of self-talk, like literally talking to yourself, writing yourself notes, setting reminders on your devices, or even just in thoughts. While there’s no right way to talk to yourself, it’s what you say to yourself that matters. The things you say to yourself develop and modify your sense of self.

Why does positivity matter? When you think about positive things, like how much you like a part of yourself or acknowledge things you do well, you increase your self-confidence and boost the trust you have in yourself. Taking the time to recognize yourself also creates an increased sense of positivity overall, also known as optimism! When you practice positive self-talk, like complimenting yourself on your talents or thanking yourself for doing a chore when you didn’t want to do it, is also a great way to work on making healthy choices.

What are some ways you can practice positive self-talk? Just like the many ways you might talk to yourself, there are just as many ways to practice positive self-talk! Some of our favorite options are:

What if I think something that’s not so positive? That’s totally okay! We’re all human, and it’s incredibly hard to always be thinking on the bright side. Part of learning about your feelings and emotions is being able to recognize your thoughts and accept them for what they are. Once you acknowledge a negative thought, there are ways to get back on track. Give yourself credit for recognizing the feeling, then zoom out and ask yourself if this negative thought will matter in three days. If it will, talk through the situation with someone close to you. If it won’t, take a few deep breaths to help clear your mind and move forward.

Positive self-talk isn’t something you get perfectly right overnight, so be gentle with yourself. Breaking out of your old cycles can be tricky, but don’t forget to give yourself points for the little things. You can do hard things, you are strong, and you are so loved.


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