At Sanford fit, our goal is to help you and the kids in your life develop healthy, sustainable habits. But with so much advice out there, it can become overwhelming to know what’s best. At fit, we know that healthy lifestyle choices are about more than eating right and exercising. Understanding what influences our choices is key to building healthy habits, and fit is here to make it easy.

Fit’s kid-friendly activities and resources are designed to captivate their attention and keep them entertained all while learning about healthy habits. Check out our top 4 healthy activities for kids plus the free resources that you can use on the go, at home, or in the classroom! 

1. Practice mindfulness: Mindfulness is intentionally paying attention to breathing, feelings, senses, or actions in the present moment which can increase a child’s ability to regulate their emotions, manage stress, and self-motivate. Some of our favorite ways to practice mindfulness are: 

2. Stretch, relax, or move the body: There are so many ways to move the body in a way that feels best for you and your kids. Moving every day is important to build strong bones and muscles, improve heart health, and reduce the risk of chronic disease. Check out some of our favorite ways to move the body and let your kids pick what feels good for them.

3. Relax without a screen: Making time for screen-free activities allows kids to relax and can lead to improved learning abilities, energy levels, and focus. Here are a few printable activities that empower kids to relax without a screen and get creative!

4. Make meals and snacks together: Getting together in the kitchen can be a fun way to get kids involved and invested in the food they eat. Eating as a family also has a wide variety of social and emotional benefits, too. You can use these moments with kids to teach them the benefits of choosing nutritious foods. Check out the resources below for free and easy recipes, tips on navigating pediatric nutrition, and fun activities for kids!

Remember that building healthy habits takes time and practice, but understanding what influences kids’ choices is a great place to start!

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