Finding nutritious, healthy snacks that kids enjoy can be challenging. But with these four creative snack ideas, you can easily squeeze them into snack time at home or in your child’s lunch box. Plus, the recipes are customizable and provide a great opportunity for your kids to join in on the fun! Not to mention that each recipe comes with a printable card like the one below, so your kiddos can help and learn some basic cooking skills!

image of beef jerky trail mix and popcorn in a bowl with recipe card


Beef Jerky Trail Mix: Protein is a great snack option because it will fill tummies quickly leaving your child feeling full and satisfied until the next meal. With this protein-rich trail mix, your child’s body can also receive other vitamins and minerals their body needs. 
Corn Salsa: Salsa can be a tasty and easy way to squeeze in a serving of vegetables in a day! Encourage kids to pick out their favorite fruits or vegetables that they’d like to add in the salsa. The best part is they can experiment and get creative! Have you tried mango or pineapple in salsa? What about cilantro? Have fun exploring new foods with this recipe!
Creamy Cucumber-Dill Dip: Ready for another way to add veggies into your child’s food? Use this dip recipe to make trying vegetables even more fun. Before preparing the dip, try taking your child to the grocery store with you and let them pick out a few vegetables they’d like to try with the dip.
Tropical Fruit Salsa: Instead of salsa with mostly vegetables, what about trying fruit? Have kids help pick 3-5 of their favorite fruits or fruits they’d like to try to make the salsa. Then, serve the mixture with their favorite main item. You can try crackers, tortillas, or even just eating the salsa with a spoon!
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 Mini Tacos Snack Idea - Sanford fit cucumber sushi snack idea - Sanford fit


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