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Switch Off Challenge

Screens are everywhere! Challenge yourself to reduce screen time, get active, and have fun!

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Move, Recharge

fitSports: Football-Catching and Receiving

In this edition of the Sanford fitSports video series we’ll see how your energy fuels proper body movements while catching and receiving the football. To learn more about the importance of sleep and relaxation, check out the article: 5 Ways to Recharge before Game Day.

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Mood, Move, Recharge

Wellness Way Sensory Path

These color-coded posters will take your students through a different set of tasks to help them move, recharge, and motivate their mood!

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What is fit?

Learn about what fit is and the resources that are available to help empower healthy lifestyle choices!

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Yoga for Kids

Take a yoga brain break with your students to help them focus and get the wiggles out. This video features popular yoga poses for kids like frog, mountain, and airplane.

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Move, Mood, Recharge

What Happens to Your Body When You Exercise?

Choose to move! Discover the importance of exercise along with ways you can include movement throughout kids' day.

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Food, Mood, Move, Recharge

What Happens to Your Body When You Watch Screens?

How much screen time is okay? Discover how screen time affects your body and brain.

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