Mood Stop

Use this lesson to engage and motivate kids to be mindful of recognizing their mood. This will empower them to make healthy food and beverage choices.

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Activity Purpose

This activity helps kids to be mindful and recognize that their mood can empower them to make healthy food and beverage choices.


  • Recognize that advertisements are created to influence food and beverage choices.
  • Recognize that friends and social media can also influence your choices.
  • Use a stoplight as a tool to make nutritional food and beverage choices: green-light (eat more), yellow-light (eat some), and red-light (eat less).
  • Recall "Think fit. Be fit!" as a cue for "know your mood" and "make a healthy choice."


  • Talk Time: Kids sit and stretch or stand and march in place. Be sure they are a safe distance (arm’s length) apart.
  • Activity: Select 1 volunteer to be the "Think fit" tagger. Designate a start and a finish line.
  • Wrap Up: Kids sit in a circle for discussion.

Talk Time


Q: Did you know that "TAG" is an abbreviation? 
A: It stands for "Touch And Go!" Next, we will play a game similar to TAG!

You already know that mood (your motivation) and recharge (your energy) influence your choices. Be aware that other things can influence healthy choices too. For example:

  • Advertisements! Commercials, posters, and social media posts constantly try to trick you into choosing sugary beverages and foods with more fats and carbs than your body needs.
  • Friends! They might persuade you to binge-watch videos, eat a bag of chips, or stay up too late.
  • Social media! You might see something on social media that leaves you feeling left out, angry, or sad.

For our next activity, we are going to play a tag game where you will practice "Think fit. Be fit!" to help you recognize things that can influence you.

Do The Activity

Activity Instructions

Setup of activity area for fitClub Mood Stop game

  1. Select 1 player to be the "Think fit" tagger. The tagger stands in the center of the activity space.
  2. The remaining kids form a horizontal (side to side) line at one end of  the activity space.
  3. Shout, "GO!"
  4. Kids run to the opposite end of the activity space and try to avoid being tagged by the "Think fit" tagger.
  5. Tagged kids stop and stand in the spot in which they were tagged. They will become "Think fit" taggers when the activity is repeated.
  6. Untagged kids form a horizontal (side to side) line. They are now at the opposite side of the activity space.
  7. Repeat activity. Call out "Your choice is being influenced by ___________ (stress, advertisements, social media, friends, family, a bad day, etc.)" and then shout, "GO!"
  8. Game continues until time runs out or all of the kids have been tagged.
  9. At the end of the activity, lead the kids in chanting, "Think fit! Be fit! I will stop and think before I choose."

Wrap Up


You walk into a store and see a display advertising a new flavored sports drink or soda.  And, it's a special price!  What do you do? Choose between, 1, 2, or 3:

  1. Grab a bottle because it's a great deal.
  2. Stop and think, "Is this advertisement trying to trick me into buying a sugary drink?"
  3. Get a few bottles to share with your friends.

Use your air pen (pretend to write in the air with a pen) and write the number (1, 2, or 3) in the air. (Correct answer is 2.)  Now, use that pencil and write "Stop and Think."


When watching TV, pay close attention to the commercials. Are they trying to talk you into fit choices?

Time: 5 Minutes

What You'll Need


  • Timer

Helpful Tips
  • If located in a small space, crab walk or bear crawl across the activity space. 
  • Use pool noodle or other soft object for tagging.

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