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Make Your Move

Kids learn to do a fitness circuit, then they design their own fitness circuit as a practical, concrete way to make exercise part of their daily activities.

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Activity Purpose

Kids learn how to design their own fitness circuit as an easy and fun way to make exercise part of their daily activities.


  • Recognize that your energy (recharge) impacts your motivation to be active.


  • Talk Time: Kids sit and stretch or stand and march in place. Be sure they are a safe distance (arm’s length) apart.
  • Activity: Have the Move Activity Cards ready to use.
  • Wrap Up: Kids partner with someone sitting near them for discussion.

Talk Time


Q: Do you stretch when you wake up in the morning?
A: Trees do! Trees will relax their branches at night and perk them up in the morning! So tomorrow when you get out of bed, stand tall and stretch!

Let's talk about how recharge and move are connected:

  • You recharge your energy by sleeping 9-12 hours every night and screen-free relaxation throughout the day.
  • Recharge gives you energy to talk yourself into moving throughout your day.
  • It can be hard to move your body when you do not have enough energy. 

This activity will help you learn about fun ways to move throughout your day. You are going to design your own fit circuit. 

Do The Activity

Activity Instructions
  1. Pick 4 kids to each draw a Move Activity Card.
  2. Lay the 4 cards on the floor in the front of the activity space. The circuit will be based on the 4 cards. 
  3. Leader or the 4 kids stand near the cards, face the group, and lead each movement15 times to compete the circuit.
  4. Count to 15 and shout out the next movement.
  5. When time is up, the kids shout, "I will move!"
  6. Choose 4 new kids to each draw another card to make a new circuit.
  7. Continue this process of designing circuits until the allotted time is up.

Wrap Up


Imagine you just got home from school, and you feel tired. Think about three choices you can make to recharge. Use an air pen (pretend to write in the air with a pen) and make a list!

Recharge to have energy to move.


Whenever you use a screen, make a plan to stop every 10 minutes and move for 2 minutes.

Time: 10 Minutes

What You'll Need


  • Music
  • Timer

Helpful Tips
  • Consider dividing your space in half and having 2 groups play the game simultaneously.

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