Food Relay

Kids learn that taking time to pause and recognize their feelings, emotions, and moods will help them to do a better job of making food and beverage choices.

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Activity Purpose

Kids learn that if they take time to think about their feeling and emotions they can make better food and beverage choices.


  • Recognize that feelings and emotions (mood) can influence your food and beverage choices.
  • Give examples of healthy choices you can make when you recognize your mood (e.g., do a mindful activity, talk with a friend, turn off the screen and get active, play outside, etc).
  • Use a stoplight as a tool to make nutritional food and beverage choices: green-light (eat more), yellow-light (eat some), and red-light (eat less).


  • Talk Time: Kids sit and stretch or stand and march in place. Be sure they are a safe distance (arm’s length) apart.
  • Activity: Divide kids into small groups of 3 to 4, then have them form vertical (front to back) lines. Place one cone at the start line and one cone at the opposite end of the activity space for each group. Place Food Activity Cards face down between each set of cones. The color of the food word's text indicates whether the food is a green-light food, yellow-light food, or red-light food.
  • Wrap Up: Kids sit in a circle for discussion.

Talk Time


Q: Which is the better choice: eat an orange or drink a glass of orange juice?
A: You are better off eating an orange and drinking a glass of water because you consume more fiber and less sugar from the fruit versus the juice. The same goes for apples, pears, cherries, or any kind of fruit!

Have you thought about the moments in your day when you make food choices?

  • Sometimes you want a “treat” to feel better. Moving is a better choice.
  • Sometimes you eat because you are tired. Recharge your energy instead.
  • Sometimes you really are hungry, so go ahead and make green-light food or beverage choice!

This activity is about your mood and food choices. First, we will do a relay with scooters to select Food Activity Cards. Then, we will see which teams have the most green-light food cards and talk about mood and food choices.

Do The Activity

Activity Instructions

Diagram of activity area for Food Relay game

  1. Divide kids into small groups (3-4 per group) then have them form vertical (front to back) lines.
  2. While waiting for their turn, team members march in place (or another leader-selected movement) and cheer for each other.
  3. Give each team 1 scooter (or towel).
  4. Shout, "Go!"
  5. The kid at the front of the line shouts, “I will make a fit choice!” and scoots from the start line to the opposite end, turns around the cone, then starts the return trip back to their group. On their way back, they grab a Food Activity Card that has been placed face down (without looking at it) and return to the start line.
  6. Next, they pass the scooter (or towel) to the next kid in line, and go to the back of the line with the card.
  7. The next kid in line shouts, “I will make a fit choice!” then begins to scoot and grab a card.
  8. When all Food Activity Cards have been collected, each team member looks at the food pictures on the cards and sorts them by the color of the words (green, yellow, red). Let the kids know that the color of the word indicates whether the food is a green-light food, a yellow-light food, or a red-light food.
  9. Each team sorts their cards and determines which stoplight color they have the most of (green, yellow, red). Teams stand for green word cards, kneel for yellow word cards, and sit with legs crossed for red cards. If there is a tie, half of the team does the action for one color (green, yellow, or red) and the other half of the team does the action for the other color.
  10. Repeat activity and challenge each group to see if they can collect more green-light cards than they did in the first round.

Wrap Up


Q: You get home from school and it's two hours until dinner. You are really hungry! Name some nutritious food choices you can make. 
A: Answers can vary. Correct responses are a green-light food, water, or milk.

Q: You get home from school and are feeling bored. Is eating a green-light food a healthy choice? 
A: Trick question! Before looking in the cupboard, check your mood. Green-light foods are great when you are hungry, but if you are bored it is better to move or do a relaxing activity.

Check your mood before you grab a snack!


When looking in the cupboard for a snack check your mood first. Ask yourself if you really are hungry.

Time: 10 Minutes

What You'll Need


  • Cones or Place Markers
  • Scooters or Towels
  • Timer

Helpful Tips
  • If you don't have scooters, you can use towels, gliders, or paper plates.
  • Kids can scoot facing forward or backward.
  • While kids are waiting in line during the relays, call out different motor skills to keep kids engaged and moving while waiting their turn. 

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