Social and emotional skills are important to practice, no matter where you are. Here are our five favorite print-and-go social and emotional learning resources. Use them to decorate a classroom, send them home, or to create your own calm down corner. What is a calm down corner? It’s a safe, comfortable space in your home or classroom aimed at providing a child with a space to go to when they feel the need to regulate their emotions without feeling punished.

  1. Break Passes: Move over restroom passes! This year, make sure your kids have the break passes they really need. Queue up this Animal Breathing Techniques Video in your calming corner and help your kids self-regulate their emotions while practicing mindful breathing.
  2. Reflection Cards: Give kids a moment to be mindful and choose how they want to self-reflect. With these printable Mindful Moments Cards, they have a range of options. From movement oriented to quiet time, there is a way to suit any kid’s needs.
  3. Visuals: One of the most effective ways for your kids to learn about healthy choices is through illustrations, and what better than pages they can color themselves! Print off these Positive Self-Talk Coloring Pages and put them in a folder or basket so your kids can get them whenever they are needed!
  4. Take a Break Cards: With printable and digital versions, you can use fitBoost and fitFlow activity and yoga cards anywhere. Mix them together for a fun and easy way to recharge your kids’ bodies and brains throughout the day.
  5. Check-In Cards: These color-coded Wellness Way posters are a quick and simple way to help kids check in with their bodies and brains. Print them off and hang them on the wall or use them side-by-side in a sensory path to encourage kids to take a moment to themselves. Watch this short video to see Wellness Way in action.

From breathing exercises to brain breaks, this list is full of tools that your kids can use to develop their social and emotional skills! If kids are experiencing overwhelming feelings and emotions, it’s important to provide them with helpful tools and then allow them time to self-regulate. Creating a calm down corner in your home or classroom is a perfect way to create a safe space for kids that need to take a break. The best way for kids to learn how to regulate their emotions is to practice when emotions are not heightened. Try to provide kids with some daily practice to become independent in application of this skill. Pretend you are the yoga instructor and guide kids through some breathing and mindfulness activities. For more on calm down spaces, read about creating a comfortable space for quiet time.

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