Providing kids with positive reinforcement is more than a nice gesture, did you know that it’s also beneficial for their health and development?! Research shows that kids who are exposed to supportive, healthy environments perform better academically, display increased self-esteem/confidence, and experience greater physical health. It’s true, your words matter! 
The fit team is here to help you swap that generic "Good Job" for a phrase your kiddo will truly appreciate and benefit from. Check out some of our favorites!

1. Instead of: “Good Job!” Try: “You did it!”
2. Instead of: “You are such a good boy/girl.” Try: “You brought your dishes to the sink. That was helpful.”
3. Instead of: “Stop Crying! Crying is for babies.” Try: “It’s okay to cry. I’m here for you.”
4. Instead of: “You look so nice!” Try: “I love the zoo animals on your shirt, which one is your favorite and why?”
5. Instead of: “I love your painting!” Try: “Look at those colors! Tell me more about this!”
6. Instead of: “That was nice of you.” Try: “I saw how you helped your friend, I think you really helped him feel better.”
7. Instead of: “Yay, you finally ate your dinner!” Try: “I’m proud of you for trying a new food! What was your favorite part of our meal?”
8. Instead of: “Smart girl/boy!” Try: “You worked really hard on that question, I knew you could do it!”
9. Instead of: “Beautiful drawing!” Try: “You worked for a long time on that, I’m proud of you.”
10. Instead of: “Thank you for calming down.” Try: “You seemed upset, it’s OK to be angry sometimes. You did a great job of calming yourself, don’t forget I’m here to help when those big feelings arise.”

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