This Father’s Day, let’s take time to not only celebrate Dad—but all the positive role models in our life. Every day countless caregivers, who may not answer to Dad, step up to provide guidance and aid kids in becoming healthy, happy individuals. No matter the title, this day is for him! 

Check out our top 10 ways to honor the role models in your life!

1. Give him the gift of quiet time.
Caregivers are busy! Instead of waking him up early, allow him to sleep in. But for how long? As long as he’d like! A simple breakfast in bed will surely bring a smile to his face too.
2. Make an appreciation jar.
Write down things you love and appreciate about your role model on separate, small pieces of paper. These can be helpful or thoughtful things he does, some of your favorite memories of him, anything! Fold each paper up and place it in the jar! He will love unfolding and discovering your sweet messages for days to come. 

3. Take him on a picnic. 
Plan a picnic in your yard or a local park. Pack some of his favorite snacks and enjoy time together outside!

4. Plan a surprise party. 
No need to wait for a birthday, honor his with a party today. Decorate your space, put on party hats, and dedicate this celebration to the role model who gives so much to others.

5. Take a picture together.
The role models in our life are usually the ones behind the camera, capturing all of the special moments. Flip the camera and take time to capture images of you and him together. 

6. Express thankfulness.
This may seem small or insignificant, but trust us, he’ll appreciate it! Do more than just say “Thank you”, be specific when expressing your gratitude.

7. Take him on a scavenger hunt for love notes. 

Grab the sticky notes and write things you love or appreciate about your caregiver, then hide them around the house for a fun hunt.

8. Create a homemade card or letter. 
Design a card or write a letter, informing him of how important he is to you. This is something he can hold on to and re-read for years.

9. Clean the house. 

Without being asked, chip in on chores! He will appreciate your willingness to help and shortening his to-do list.

10. Spell out your appreciation. 
Think of descriptive words that start with each of the letters in his name. For example: if his name is Paul, you might use “patient” for P. Spell out his name vertically, using all of his best qualities. Gift this as a card or frame it!

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