Spending time together as a family is important. Children, from birth through adulthood, need time and attention from their grown-ups. According to Brittney Nathan, our certified Child Life Specialist, “Busy schedules can sometimes leave little wiggle room for quality family time, however these interactions (big or small) are meaningful and beneficial for both kids and caregivers! Kids feel valued, and more inclined to openly communicate with caregivers who pause and take the time to intentionally interact with them.” According to Brittney, family time also provides opportunities to role model healthy behavior, teach kids important social skills, offer bonding, and improve mental wellbeing.

Family fun jars, aka activity jars, are a fun, low-cost way to keep your entire family entertained with new ideas. This DIY kit has everything you need to get started. Grab an empty container (bottle, jar, or whatever you can find) that you already have at home and use the free printables to decorate it and fill it up!

How to Create Your Family Fun Jar:

Not sure what to include in your jar? Get the entire family involved by asking each person to create activity ideas they want to do. Make sure to include ideas that you can do right at home like:

Once you’ve created your family fun jar, find some time each week when everyone can be together and dedicate some time for these activities. Take it a step further by empowering the children in your family to come up with new ideas each week to add to the jar. Have fun with it!

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