fit sets up Volleyball! The National Youth Sports Health and Safety Institute (NYSHSI) and Sanford fit have joined together to promote the importance of making healthy choices as well as proper body mechanics for young athletes. Follow along with our fitSports video series for coaches and parents which provide wellness tips and interactive drills for skill development and motivation!

Sleep and relaxation are crucial for growth, development, and energy! As parents and coaches of young athletes, you’ve encountered jam-packed schedules and games requiring a great deal of energy. Help your players recharge after a full day by ensuring they’re relaxing without a screen and preparing for bedtime. It may seem like an effortless form of entertainment and distraction, however devices can harm their quality of sleep.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), “Media use can interfere with sleep. Children and teens who spend more time with social media or who sleep with mobile devices in their rooms are at greater risk for sleep problems. Exposure to light (particularly blue light) and stimulating content from screens can delay or disrupt sleep, and have a negative effect on school.” The AAP recommends “children not sleep with devices in their bedrooms, including TVs, computers, and smartphones and avoid exposure to screens for one hour before going to bed.”

No screens, now what?  Here are some screen-free alternatives before bedtime:

Now that you’ve learned more about screen time, test your knowledge with our Recharge fitQuiz to see what you know about recharging your energy in healthy ways!

In this edition of the Sanford fitSports video, we’ll see how adequate sleep, proper mechanics, and body movements are influential when serving the volleyball. Think fit. Be fit!
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