Mood: Books to help kids recognize and label their feelings and emotions.
1. Making Faces
Teach your child the five essential expressions: happy, sad, angry, surprised, and silly through interactive prompts and photographs of babies.
2. The Way I Feel
This story helps kids to identify how they’re feeling, then discover words to express themselves in a positive manner.  
3. My First Book of Emotions for Toddlers
This engaging picture book introduces toddlers to common emotions by explaining what they are, how they feel in the body, and how to manage them in positive ways.
4. How Do You Feel?
With simple language and expressive illustrations, this story introduces the very young to a wide range of emotions.
5. How Are You Feeling Today?
This engaging book focuses on positive coping strategies. Littles will learn simple activities to help them cope with different emotions.

Food: Our picks to help littles learn more about nutritious foods.
6. Eating the Alphabet
Through bright and engaging illustrations, littles will be introduced to fruits and vegetables from around the world. 
7. Baby, Let’s Eat!
Explore a rainbow of delicious foods in a book that’s indestructible.
8. My First 100: Food We Eat
Filled with colorful photos, this is the ideal book for toddlers and babies to learn simple words and new foods.
9. TouchWords: Food
More than a story, this is a sensory experience! Kids will discover nutritious foods through hands-on learning.
10. Eat Your Colors
Fun and vibrant photos introduce babies and toddlers to the basics of good nutrition.

Recharge: The best sleep and relaxation books to help children explore bedtime routines and better understand the value of rest.
11. Bedtime
Ease little ones into the get-ready-for-bed routine with this warm and cozy bedtime book.
12. Night Night Farm
Say goodnight to all the farm friends as their day comes to an end. The gentle rhymes and sleepy tone make this story perfect for settling your kiddo into bed.
13. Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site
Even the roughest, toughest readers will want to turn off their engines, rest their wheels, and drift to sleep with this sweet and soothing story.
14. Naptime
Naps are just a little break- but when its time, many toddlers struggle settling into sleep. This calming, encouraging book helps kids quiet down so they can get the rest they need.
15. Time for a Nap
This sweet rhyming story follows bunny through a busy day, while celebrating the importance of rest.

Move: Our favorite books to make movement fun. 
16. ABC Yoga
This interactive book is perfect for teaching littles their ABCs, as well as introducing them to familiar animals and basic, simplified yoga poses. 
17. We All Play
Animals and kids love to play! This wonderful book celebrates playtime and the connection between kids and the world around them. 
18. From Head to Toe
This story will have your little up and active! Kids are invited to copy the animal's movements as they play.
19. Shake a Leg!
Toddlers will have a good giggle as the Sesame monsters try different movement routines. Kids are invited to follow along and move, too!
20. Move!
This unique book combines imaginative play with movement! Lively text and colorful illustrations prompt littles to perform movements utilizing the book’s die-cut holes and handles.

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