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Teen Mental Health: Resources for Teens and Caregivers

Discover expert-backed resources to support both teens and caregivers navigating teen mental health.


The Kind Classroom Kit

Get ready for back-to-school season with kindness!

The Kind Classroom Kit

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We support teachers with easy-to-teach lessons, videos, printables, and more. All resources are designed to engage students in fun and meaningful ways. 

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Healthy choices start at home. We curated top resources for families and caregivers to share with kids to spur conversations about how to embrace a fit lifestyle.

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Coaches, club leaders, and community members - you play a critical role in reinforcing healthy choices in kids’ lives. Browse our collection of resources! 

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What is fit?

Learn about what fit is and the resources that are available to help empower healthy lifestyle choices!

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Social and emotional skills are crucial for kids to become successful both academically and socially.

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Popular Resources

Videos, printables, lessons, and games. Kids will gain rock-solid understanding with these hands-on and engaging resources. Oh! Did we mention, they’re free?

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fitBoost Activity

Try out these fun moves for physical fitness and mental alertness. Click on "Let's Go!" to get started. You can take your fitBoost to the next level by printing fitBoost cards to use anytime or anywhere!  

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Flip or Freeze: A Move Along Activity for Kids

Get your littles up and moving many different ways with Flip. In this follow along video, toddlers and preschoolers will dance and groove until the music stops and Flip says "Freeze!"

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What Fruits and Vegetables Do for Your Body

Gain a better understanding of how fruits and vegetables keep your body healthy.

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Recharge, Mood

Relax With Dakota: A Mindful Meditation for Kids

Follow along with this guided relaxation video to practice meditation and mindfulness or anytime you need a calming moment.

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Move, Recharge, Mood

fitFlow Activity

Inspire kids to move, stretch, and practice mindfulness with fitFlow yoga. Click "Let's Go!" to get started. Print the fitFlow yoga cards and you can flow throughout your day!  

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Move, Recharge

fit Workout: Full Body Workout

Do you know that exercise is great for your body and brain? This full-body workout will strengthen your body and your brain!

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fit Educator
I am a PE teacher at a traditional school in Portland, Oregon and also teach health classes on an online website. I use Sanford fit free resources, especially the slideshow and videos for my "Word of the Week" and "Exercise of the Week" where I introduce health and fitness concepts to my students at the beginning and end of class. My athletes are engaged immediately and it helps create more meaningful class discussions. In addition, I have used the curriculum for digital learning and PE Zoom meetings to include health and nutrition lessons. I love the Sanford fit curriculum and would recommend it to all teachers!

Leslie Christine, Physical Educator St. Rose School

Educator Photo
Sanford fit is a user-friendly, engaging way to encourage students to adopt healthy lifestyles. The resources available are ready to go and will get your students excited to take ownership of their health!

Mrs. Logan, Harvey Dunn Elementary, Sioux Falls, SD

Outdoor activities -Sanford fit
“I love the idea of using yoga poses as a tool for kids to manage their emotions!”

Sarah O.

South Dakota

Educator Deborah Torrance - Sanford fit

"fit4schools is a valuable resource for teachers, students, AND parents! The site is filled with research supported information and user friendly tools to promote a lifestyle of health and fitness for everyone!” 

Deborah Torrance, Wellness Teacher (Stonegate Elementary School, Indianapolis, IN)

Educator Mrs. Szwarc - Sanford fit

“I love FitBoost as a quick way to incorporate movement between lessons! The activities randomly change each time and have a large timer on the screen so students know when it's time to move on. It allows kids to move and reset their brains without taking up a lot of time!

The FitSchools lessons perfectly match with health standards. They are simple, quick lessons that come with an activity for students to show what they learned.”

Mrs. Szwarc, Sioux Falls, SD

Featured Lesson

Help kids learn how to practice mindfulness at home.

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Featured Lesson

Kids show what they know about nutritious snack and drink choices to help others make healthy choices too! 

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About Sanford fit

fit is the Children's Health Initiative from Sanford Health, developed to engage and empower children, families, and communities to make healthy lifestyle choices. fit provides free online resources to support that goal. Discover printables, videos, lessons, games, and more!

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